Here at the GOOGLE BORDELLO, we're all about drinking 40s and capping busters. We were shocked to discover that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is, in fact, a totally accurate portrayal of our ghetto lifestyle. Recently, we've endeavored to make the ultimate starter save for San Andreas in order to avoid much of the tediousness that often occurs when game developers make access to a prerequisite to enjoyment of a game. Using our starter save will let you focus on the story and missions instead of stats and collecting.

Our starter save works on the Xbox version one of San Andreas (specifically, the version that was released before Jack Thompson decided to use GTA as a masturbation aid). It fills slot 3, and should be copied in after players have finished the "Taggin' Up Turf" mission (mission 3).

The Ultimate Starter Save (Xbox) has these features:
-No cheats used
-All tags tagged
-All oysters eaten
-Pilot's license
-Vigilante missions armor increase
-Burglary missions sprinting upgrade
-Hitman skill ranks in Pistol, Machine Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Sawed-off, and AK-47
-Significant skill increases in Bike and Airplane
Download Here

Note: This savegame works with the Action Replay XBOX. Those of you with modded Xboxes can simply copy the files in this file's UDATA folder to your Xbox's UDATA folder.
Additional Note: We haven't bothered to run all the ambulance missions, as the crazy health bonus plus the armor increase would make the first part of the game trivially easy. When Angel Pine becomes accessable, use the ambulance there for an easy time. If there's enough demand for a starter save with ambulance missions, extra driving skill, or more money, those features will be added. We can't add a completed Supply Lines mission, all golds in Driving School, Photographs or Horseshoes, so don't even ask.
Extra Additional Note: You can find the NFO for the first warez release of Grand Theft Auto: SA for the Xbox HERE. I've included it because Dagger was the first to release it and because their NFOs are hilarious.