Google is an internet unto itself. Google has been spreading its (thankfully benevolent) tentacles into every aspect of the real internet. It indexes, stores, and cross-references basically everything, and still stays useful enough to have some fun with.

Google Cache and the UUEncoded Exploits - Google caches the first few K of all the pages it has, because it has to. But what does it mean that it doesn't filter out ASCII text encoding?

AOL Series: Most of you have heard about the time that AOL leaked a massive number of search queries, grouped by user. Most of the time, this was pretty boring, but there were a few outstanding entries that caught everybody's attention. From what I've heard, AOL's search engine is Google with a different frontend. Aside from the comedy of the entries themselves, I personally find it interesting how many people ask questions directly of Google, as if Google understands them. Why? Why would you type more than the search term when you don't have to? They know it's not AskJeeves, certainly. 
 	One guy even wrote messages into Google (which took up entirely too much space for me to reproduce here), like he expected someone to read them. Was it some old person who did not understand the internet, or something else entirely? If one expected a release of this kind of data, it would make sense to use the google bar as a way of communicating. Back in the day, I'm pretty sure Google had a function that let you see what Google was searching up at any given time. If one used that, it would be possible to communicate in real-time with someone else via the google search bar. But there are so many searches a second that even if one were doing that, they'd run into trouble if the communications weren't tagged somehow, like by including [talk] as a search term, for example. And these searches weren't tagged in any way I can see. If anyone has a Google Search Chat client, tell me so I can see the awesome.

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Mysteries of Google: AOL Edition, Episode 3 - I had to include this because of the Cyberseduction reference. We love Cyberseduction here at the Google Bordello.
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