This is the small-scale, low-bandwidth (and liability) version of The Google Bordello. The improved, full-color version, with all instances of the word house as hyperlinks to a dark void will be online in like 2010 or whenever the Persona Century corporation buys California. It is currently availiable only through sneakernet.

You can contact us now. Through the magic of the internet, we're no longer afraid to use email. And here's the email address:

You can send death threats, suggestions, DMCA takedown notices, and information on corporate musicals here, and they'll get all the promptness we can muster.

You like my site style? I wanted a site that would be able to be modified in a text editor with very little knowledge of HTML (I use my livejournal editor for all the really tricky stuff) and I've never quite gotten over text files. Page HTML is very simple. All it is is a script to wrap PRE tags, and some color to make this look like more of a black and white issue.

At the risk of getting a whole load of impostor sites, I've put up the template I like to use when I make pages here. You can find it here.

You can tell I've updated when the text at the top of the front page changes.

Yeah. So I started this site to publish some stuff I had written on web immortality through search and archiving services like Google and, but ironically neither of those will pick up my site, and I don't have anything clever set up for when they do. (formerly provides temporary receive-only email hosting, with active periods from eight hours to seven days. (SEVEN DAYS) This makes it resistant to both spam and IP logging. WH4F, while secure, has no safety margin in its expiration time, potentially resulting in mail loss. This is why we no longer use it.

New hosting comes from our friends at 

User Testimonials:

"Google BordelLOL"

"I forecast that The Google Bordello will never make any money. You need to reduce your volume as soon as you can."

"It is as though a thousand mouths cry out in pain!"