Editor's Note: This is a transcription (done by someone other than us) of some really bad cybersex that happened in Age of Conan between a GM and a player. The GM was fired after this log was leaked. This doesn't have a whole lot of significance, it's just funny. You can see the original screenshots from which this was taken here.

To []: ..with dual wield barbarians though, I mean TWO?!?! That's a bit difficult for me to handle. I'd rather stick with one big sword. [|GM|]: You like it rough I take it :) To []: Of Course, I'm a fucking rock sniffer. To []: With daggers. To []: And I'm specced for second wind =) I can go all night. [|GM|]: lol wow, I don't think I would ever be the same :) [|GM|]: um WOw this is turning me on lol. To []: Hong Says he wants in on the hot action. But he's a gold farmer/seller. How do you feel about that? He does have a big bow =] ..do it like they do on the discovery channel? To []: Would you like to RP with me? To []: I see how it is, not going to talk to me anymore =( Just got your cyber fix with my pixelated body and left me like all those other guys :((| [|GM|]: sorry getting tell hells lol [|GM|]: RP? how so? To []: Well, you know, on those cold windy nights... all I want is to be mounted. [|GM|]: Ahh lol I see. You trying to get laid by a GM ;) To []: Of course, I thought you were THA MASTER. Gamer Master. To []: Be gentle [|GM|]: um are you a real um woman? [|GM|]: lol not crazy question [|GM|]: you would be surprised. To []: Yep. I just play a male character so guys don't flirt with me in game like on WoW. [|GM|]: oh nice. To []: How about you? [|GM|]: I'm wearing panties :] [|GM|]:(joke) To []: Oh, not wearing any hmmm? I did see you take them off earlier after all. [|GM|]:I am going to summon you in a few to take care of your petition [|GM|]:Exibitionist :) To []: Summoning me? How romantic. To []: Where’s my summon? [|GM|]: lol []: You really do love me. [|GM|]: this is the spot! [|GM|]: lol []: You like this? [|GM|]: r []: Head? [|GM|]: yea [|GM|]: lol []: I left the boots on. They’re hawt. [|GM|]: r [|GM|]: lol []: My panties wont come off :[ [|GM|]: lol its odd looking at a guy character… lol [|GM|]: in rl? To []: Huh? To []: No, in game =[ [|GM|]: your panties wont come off in real life :) [|GM|]: oh… [|GM|]: I’ll just have to tear them off and have my way lol To []: YES!!! To []: Whip out your massive sword too. [|GM|]: ROFL [|GM|]: lol you like? To []: I can’t jump up on top of it? =( [|GM|]: hmm that could pose a problem :) To []: =] [|GM|]: you’ll just have to take it until I am finished with you. To []: Are you mighty warrior? Can you slay those meanies that attacked me? =( To []: O.o you do like multiple people in on it eh? =) [|GM|]: er.. how old are you (hopefully not under 18 lol) To []: I’m 9. [|GM|]: OMG To []: “_- To []: Want to be my daddy? Remember, I do like roleplaying ^_-- [|GM|]: oh nice… [|GM|]: um your not really 9 are you? I just want to be sure lol To []: Come on… do I sound like I’m 9? What 9 year old knows about glory holes? [|GM|]: you don’t but you never know lol [|GM|]:you been a bad girl? To []: I’ve never been a good girl. [|GM|]: oh very nice. But you know you will have to be spanked right? [|GM|]: Hmm take me out and put me in your mouth’ To []: ! To []: Not till you spank me with your sword! [|GM|]: hmm you are bad. [|GM|]: what if I rip your panties off and fuck you hard till I am satisfied? To []: That sounds perfect To []: Going to use clobber? :P [|GM|]: Want to feel you get really we so I can put just the head of my cock inside you and use my hand to slowly move it around before plunging it fully into you and making you take it all. To []: You’re just as kinky as me To []: Infact you’re so kinky, you just cybered with a dude :P [] shouts: THIS IS SPARTA [|GM|]: then when you are really hot and needing more I can reposition and slide my wet tongue up your legs and do small circles again around your belly button and then let my tongue trail down your cunt. [|GM|]: oh that would really be not good lol To []: Love you =] To []: By the way, I’ve been fapping to this the whole time. [|GM|]: lol why did you want this then lol you gay? [|GM|]: are you serious? To []: Serious about what? [|GM|]: um what’s fapping (not up to par on the ling) lol To []: I was joking about the fapping, but I am indeed a dude. [|GM|]: lol ok. [|GM|]: Glad I put my clothes back on lol To []: Yeah probably a good idea. I have aids.