Mountain View, California: GoogleGranby, Colorado: KilldozerSantiago, Chile: Spider GirlsNew York, New York: Kenneth EngCaracas, Venezuela: Police Blimp UAVPhilippines: Mt. Pinatubo
Because of a recent legal action, The Google Bordello is now required to inform our viewers that there is, in fact, a world outside the internet. As such, we're doing our best to document the "real-life" places, events, and people to which you should actually divert precious seconds of your attention.

From west to east:
Unknown, Pacific Ocean: Plastic Trash Vortex
Mountain View, California: Google
South Beach, California: Bordello on Wheels
Granby, Colorado: Killdozer
Santiago, Chile: Spider Girls
New York, New York: Kenneth Eng
Caracas, Venezuela: The Police Blimp UAV
Madrid, Spain: Zeppelin UAV Jailbreak
Coast of Singapore, Malaysia: Ghost Shipping Fleet
Luzon, Philippines: Mt. Pinatubo