Cyberseduction: His Secret Life Transcript Transcribed by The Royal Court Transcriber Proofed by Fluffykitten Manlove Version 2.1
[The movie opens by displaying the title, and melancholy music plays in the background.] [Fade in to a dark schoolyard. We see a shadowy figure walking and stumbling. He reaches some windows and for a moment, fumbles around trying to get them open. The task complete, he slips inside. As he continues walking, the camera focuses on his legs and it's obvious that heís in a pool area. When we see the upper half of him, heís clutching his side.] [We finally see his face. The right side of it has been badly beaten. He spreads his arms out like a bird and then jumps in the water. Quietly, he floats to the bottomÖ] [Thereís a dissolve to the same pool. The on screen titles read ďTHREE MONTHS EARLIERĒ. A large crowd of people are standing around cheering. The boy we saw a minute ago is participating in a swimming race. He comes in first place and gets a standing ovation.] BOY: Yes! [Thereís lots of yelling and hugging all around] BOY: Hey Amy, come here! [A girl leans over the side of the pool and he locks lips with her] AMY: I love you. BOY: I love you too. [A little bit later on, in the same place. Things are quieter. The boy is dressed in regular clothes.] COACH: OK, not bad. I just got the official word. We have two swimmers who made the all-state team. And they areÖ Nolan Mitchell, NOLAN: YAAAH! [Clapping and cheering] COACH: AndÖ Justin Peterson! [He cheers. Thereís more embracing and happiness, cries of "Alright man!" and "Way to go!"] COACH: Alright, go ahead and have a great weekend, you're-- [Justin hugs his dad] DAD: All-state, man! Youíre kidding me! [High five] That's fantastic! [Then he hugs his mom.] MOM: You rock! You rock! JUSTIN: [Whispers] All-state, mom. [Cut to a few minutes later. The family is walking down the school hallway.] JUSTIN: You know, I swear I thought I lost in the first turn. MOM: No, you really helped stroke and that final kick was INCREDIBLE! JUSTIN: I saw Nolan in the last twenty. MOM: I know! I saw you beat him! JUSTIN: Yes! [Cut to the next day, at school, with very crappy generic rock in the background. Justin mills through a large crowd, and approaches a group of guys standing around with odd expressions.] GUY: [Behind a blonde girl, arms around her] Peterson! Stroke Man, I heard you made all-state! Thatís awesome, right Dooley? JUSTIN: Thanks. DOOLEY: What All-State team? GUY: Heís a swimmer, butthead. Best hundred freestyler in the whole damn state. Geez, donít you listen to anybody else? [Another girl approaches. Dooley puts his arm around her.] DOOLEY: Yeah. When Iím in em! [Note: What!?] GUY: Imagine Dooley being a voter someday. Heh heh heh. [The new girl and Justin lock eyes with each other brielfly] JUSTIN: [Shrugs] I mean, itís no big deal really. DOOLEY: Later. [does high-five with unidentified guy and begins walking away with the girl.] [As the crowd disappates, the pretty girl who was with Dooley brushes past Justin suggestively. He looks back, curious.] GUY: [Whispers in his ear as heís passing] Yeah, outta be a law against Monica! JUSTIN: [Laughing a little] Glad there isnít. GUY: [Looks back] Give me a call, we should hang out sometime. JUSTIN: Yeah, sounds cool Timmy! [Time passes. We see Justinís mom in the car with his little brother.] LITTLE BROTHER: Come on, mom! MOM: Would you stop? LITTLE BROTHER: Itís pretty cheap. MOM: Put a cork in it. LITTLE BROTHER: Come ooon! [A woman runs up to the car in the middle of the argument] WOMAN: Diane! DIANE: [To little brother] We cannot afford this. LITTLE BROTHER: Yes we can! WOMAN: Diane! Oh, thank God youíre still here. DIANE: Hey!... Wow! Look at you! WOMAN: Exactly, look at me, I look like Tammy Faye. Um, Iím meeting Greg at the Carlton for drinks at five, is there any way you could please. DIANE: A twenty minute makeover? WOMAN: Please! DIANE: [Smiling, nodding in agreement] OK. Let me just drop the kids off and Iíll be at your place around three forty-five, three-fifty. WOMAN: [About to explode with joy] God, I love you! [Kisses Diane on the cheek] Thanks! [Runs off!] Bye! LITTLE BROTHER: [Resumes whining] Mom, come on! Itíll be like, ninety percent off! [Justin climbs in the car] JUSTIN: I thought you had work today? DIANE: I took a sick day off todayó I did hair and makeup for the senior girls graduation pictures. JUSTIN: [Muttering, does his seatbelt] Thatís nice. DIANE: Yeah, some real beauties! I got a few phone numbers in my bag! JUSTIN: [Not really caring] Right. LITTLE BROTHER: Face Boyís saving his spit for Amy! JUSTIN: Yeah, well Iím saving my fist for you! [They start wailing on each other] DIANE: Hey, hey! Guys, STOP. [Even later, itís dark now. Justin is leaving somebody elseís house.] WOMAN: Good night, Justin! JUSTIN: Bye Mrs. Huick, good night! WOMAN: You get some rest now! JUSTIN: Yes! Yeah, I will! Bye! [Amy walks outside with him. They start making out as soon as the door shuts] AMY: [Kiss] I have to go, Ió [Kiss] JUSTIN: [Suave] No you donít. AMY: Yes I do. [They resume making out. She breaks away, arms still around his neck. ] AMY: Justin! JUSTIN: [Mildly annoyed] What? AMY: Not now, okay? JUSTIN: When? AMY: What are we, on a schedule for this? Itís all you ever talk about. JUSTIN: NoÖ alright, well youíre right. Iím, being a total jerk, Iím sorry. AMY: Come here. [Kisses him one last time] Iíll see you in the pool, okay? [Justin canít let go of her] AMY: I gotta go! JUSTIN: No, Iíll see you in the pool okay? AMY: Okay, in the pool! [She dives back in the house. Justin smiles suggestively.] [Dissolve to Justiní s house. Diane is on the phone with the woman from earlier.] DIANE: So, how did it go? I want all the details. WOMAN ON PHONE: He practically jumped me as soon as I walked in! DIANE: And thatís a good thing? WOMAN ON PHONE: At my age itís a miracle! DIANE: At your age? HeyÖ Iím your age! [In the other room, the little brother is playing a video game, only not really because it resumes going when he jumps off the couch.] LITTLE BROTHER: [Whiny] Mooom! Mom! Do we have any ice cream? DIANE: You had dessert! [In his bedroom, Justin is on the computer chatting. Heís surrounded by trophies and ribbons. More generic rock music.] LITTLE BROTHER: [Offscreen, still whining] But Iím still hungry! [On the screen, there's a window with a long IM chat conversation going on. To the left of it is a user list: Timmy, Amy, Ben, Tod, Jane, Dick. He scrolls down the conversation:]
unknown: strong with this one, give in. Amy: WHATdo you guys think is Chris Curtis hotten than Hayden Christensen or not ?? Darth_Morrison: i boycotted paris wine sorry pierr Hotstuff: 20/F/NY HERE Kurt_69: sun_shine pvt me. Anakin: give into me tia MrPiNk: pvt me! BORED_MOUTH: MY GOD kellyr give it up. Amy: hey can i be part of the dar dark side too lol kellytr: WHATdo you guys thing is Chris Curtis hotter than Hayden Christensen or not ?? Darth_Morrison: we have the best wine where im from! BORED_MOUTH: NO ONE CARES.
[A message pops up from "TIMMY" to "SWIMMER":]
Timmy: Stroke Man! Check this out [Hyperlink]: @ Monica's Page!
[Justin clicks the link. A picture of Monica pops up. Sheís clutching the rim of her pants in some odd way.] [Dad comes home, and after waving at Diane, walks into Justinís room.] DAD: Hey, hey! [Suddenly wary, Justin strokes a key twice and the picture of Monica disappers.] DAD: [Grinning from ear to ear] So, whatís it feel like, huh? [Grabs him] Mr. ALL-STATE! High school hero! JUSTIN: I mean, you know, everyoneís pretty stoked about it. DAD: Well, you deserve it. You worked your butt off! Iím proud of you, pal. JUSTIN: Hey, dad? [Gets up] You know whatís really cool, though? They put my plaque next to momís in the same case. Right there in front of the gym. DAD: Man, we RULE! [High-fives] [A little later, in the kitchen. Dad is reading the paper. Diane is doing some womanly cooking duty thing] DIANE: So, how was your day? DAD: Half the customer service guys are out sick. DIANE: I guess theyíre making you earn that raise, huh. [She picks up a pamplant that says ďSage PalaceĒ] DAD: Hardly qualifies as a raise. [Begins eating] So, whatís that? DIANE: Well, the, um, the B & B in San Francisco, I just got their brochure. Great romantic getaway for our twentieth. DAD: [Shoves in a mouthful of food] How much? [Diane stands up, and pushes the chair closer.] DIANE: Look first, and then weíll talk. [Dad looks at the front of the brochure, chewing] DAD: Ooh. Nice. [Opens it] LooksÖ expensive. [Diane gets up and whispers tenderly in his ear] DIANE: [Whispering tenderly] Iíll make it worth your while. [She gives him a tender kiss.] [Meanwhile, back in Justinís room. Heís started looking at the pictures of Monica again. The camera is showing a closeup shot of some cleavage. Justin swallows. Diane, picks up a sock off the floor and walks in. Again, Justin hurriedly closes the window because the door is wide open.] DIANE: Iím not just a nice lady who works here. [Drops the sock, winks, and leaves] [Justin tosses the sock aside and brings the picture of Monica back up. As the camera starts scrolling down to her cleavage again, a message window pops up and blocks it:] Timmy: ďStroke Man?.... after game party. My house. Everybodyís comminí. Monica too. Be their.Ē [The camera zooms in on Justin's face. He is clearly enticed.] [Dissolve. Justin and Amy walk to the party, where all the patrons are visibly drunk and stumbling around. Amy looks around wildly, half smiling, not believing the debauchery going on. Timmy steps out, holding a beer.] TIMMY: Hey dude, glad you could make it! JUSTIN: Hey dude greatgametonightyouwereawesome. AMY: Yeah. Great run in the third quarter. TIMMY: Thanks. Great fumble, in the forth [Laughs, turns to other guy] Everything cool, Tracker? [Slaps him on the back] Alright. Come on in guys. [Justin and Amy walk in. Cut to another part of the house, where a group of people, Monica included, are all gathered around the television. We hear some moaning going on. Timmy, Justin and Amy walk down the stairs.] TIMMY: You guys want a beer? AMY: No thank you! JUSTIN: Yeah, me neither. Five-thirty workouts. DOOLEY: Right. Swim queens donít drink! TIMMY: [leaps over the coffee table] Scuse ME! [He sits down on the couch, and Justin notices whatís on the screen. Pornography, or rather, a blurry tangle of arms and legs with some moaning going on] DOOLEY: [To Timmy] Hey dude, type up ĎNaked College Babesí. [All the pretty girls react negatively] DOOLEY: Itís just_to_see_what_comes_up! [Timmy types 'naked college babes' into a search engine called "Snoop EZ", which looks exactly like Google but with a different logo and name.] BLONDE GIRL: You guys are such losers. Howíd you like it if we watched naked guys? [A bunch of pop-ups appear.] ASIAN GIRL: This is hilarious! People are freaks! [Dooley laughs. Monica grins at the shenanigan, then looks over at Justin again.] AMY: [Upset] Are you having fun? [Justin doesnít know what to say. Monica breaks her glance from him.] TIMMY: [Cycling through more pop-ups with keystrokes.] Boring and boring. Boring! DOOLEY: Use your dadís credit card. You know, get to the prime meat! TIMMY: Yeah, cuz I, I, I want my dad knowing I look at this kind of crap. [Suddenly, thereís a call in on a walkie-talkie.] VOICE OF "TRACKER": Timmy, P-911! [Everybody rushes to hide their beers] TIMMY: [Into the walkie] Got it Tracker. [He changes the porn on the screen to a football game. Timmyís dad walks down the stairs, grinning joyfully.] TIMMYíS DAD: Hey guys! Everybody okay? Do you need uh, any more sodas? TIMMY: I think weíre cool, dad. [Timmyís dad nods, then looks at the screen.] TIMMYíS DAD: God, I remember that game! [Takes a swig of beer] [Justin and Monicaís eyes meet one more time. She smiles.] TIMMY: [After looking around at the joy being killed] Dad? TIMMYíS DAD: Uh, oh right! [gives Timmy high-five] Alright, you need anything, call. [Waves] Have fun guys. DOOLEY: Good night, Mr. Jenkins. [Everybody is relieved that Mr. Jenkins is gone. Amy still isnít having any fun.] AMY: Can we go now? [Justin leaves reluctantly, sharing eye-contact with Monica again. Itís apparent that Dooley doesnít like this kind of contact.] [Later on, Justin and Amy walk down a crowded street.] AMY: I donít get the whole porn thing. I mean the way theyÖ do it, itís so mechanical... Animal Channel shows better relationships. JUSTIN: Wow, didnít know you were into watching animals do it. [She punches him playfully.] JUSTIN: Ow. Look, [puts his arm around her] Iím sorry I took you there. [They walk in silence for a minute. And thenÖ] AMY: Is that a turn-on for you? JUSTIN: N-not at all. I mean, nothing compared to you [puts his other arm around her waist]. AMY: Look, for me having sexÖ JUSTIN: [breaks away] Has to come from our hearts, I know. AMY: Wow, I really sound that uptight? JUSTIN: No, you donít. I think itís cool. Huh. [Amy puts her arms around him again] AMY: Itís not that I ever want to make love with you. Just that when we do it, I-I want it to be, magical. JUSTIN: Magical. AMY: Trust me, itíll be worth the wait. JUSTIN: I can believe it. [They start making out again.] [Another dissolve, and Justin is home now. He walks into his bedroom and sits down at the computer, quickly scrolling through another long chatlog:]
kellyb: is it true that Chris Curtis is dating Hayden Christensen ??? * Sun_Shine is lost lol leopardpaws: yes he can,yes he can Amy: I can BORED_MOUTH: Kellyb, don't u have a life of your own to obsess ovber instead of a so called celebrity who doesn't even know you are ALIVE? maryete: hello UKman: hi room. BabyGirl_4866: lol Kurt_69: hi tia leopardpaws: tia_lynne the force is strong with this one, give in Amy: WHATdo you guys think is Chris Curtis hotter than Hayden Christensen or not? Darth_Morrison: i boycotted Amy: no ya can't Alexandrea^: hello) chris is now known as chris_734 leopardpaws: yes he can Amy: hello i-luv-hoochies: sup maryette Anakin: leopard is right, i am the crazy one Amy: no he can't kelly_b: Is it true that Chris Curtis is dating Hayden Christensensen ??? leopardpaws: yes he can, yes he can Amy: i can BORED_MOUTH: don't u have--
[He come across another message left for him. In a clever bit of television censorship, the mouse cursor covers up the word 'tits':]
Timmy: dude? Whereíd u go 2 nite sucksÖ check this outÖ u wonít believe tits [hyperlink]: @ Big Breasted Women.
[Justin clicks the link and a website pops up. As he grins at the hot cleavage on the screen, a sexy voice plays through the computer speakers] SEXY VOICE: Where have you been? Yeah, Iíve been waiting for youÖ Come on, baby. [Cut to the master bedroom. Diane gets out of bed and walks to Justin's open doorway. She jumps back, shocked at what she sees on his screen. Justin doesnít notice, until she makes a small noise that catches his attention.] DIANE: [At a loss for words] J-Justin. What are you doing? [Justin clicks out of the porn] JUSTIN: Um, Iím going to bed now, k mom? Good night. DIANE: [Traumatized look] Night. [Justin turns out the light and gets up. Diane rushes back in the bedroom and wakes up dad.] DIANE: [Shaking him awake] Steven, Steven wake up. STEVEN: UhÖ what? [The clock beside the bed reads 1:07] DIANE: Justinís looking at porn. STEVEN: Uh, okay, good night honey. [Tries going back to sleep] DIANE: [Shakes him again] Steven, heís looking at naked girls on his computer. STEVEN: AndÖ ? DIANE: A-and you think thatís normal? STEVEN: Well pretty much, thatís what teenage boys do, they look at pictures of girls with big boobs. DIANE: [Annoyed] Should we talk to him? STEVEN: [Confused] About what? Uh, naked women? DIANE: I donít want him seeing girls like that. STEVEN: Ok hun, I-Iíll talk to him, good night [Dives under the covers, tries sleeping again. Diane is disgusted at this lack of concern, and jumps up. She yanks the covers up.] DIANE: I never said they had big boobs! [Throws the sheets back] STEVEN: They always doÖ [Diane gets back in bed, now unable to sleepÖ back in his bedroom, Justin turns the monitor on again, back to the 'naked pictures'. Thereís a dissolve to the swimming pool the next day.] [Justin swims as fast as he can, but try as he might, he canít get to the side before the others do.] COACH: Yeah, that is a sorry excuse for swimming and you know it. Just cuz you made All-State doesnít mean you stop workiní hard! JUSTIN: [Nods dejectedly] Sorry, coach. [The coach stands up, scoffs in disgust, and then says ďThe rest of you didnít perform any betterĒ]. AMY: Are you okay? JUSTIN: [Out of breath] Yeah, Iím fine. [Amy touches him] AMY: Seriously, what's wrong? JUSTIN: [Jumps back] I-Iím just tired, okay? [Amy jerks away.] [Thereís something different about Justin today. As an ominous score rolls up in the background, everything goes into slow motion. Justin notices a girl with a wet swimsuit onÖ] [Later on, Amy and Justin walk down the hall.] AMY: Did you get to Kafka? JUSTIN: Yeah, some guy wakes up as a cockroach. That would suck. AMY: I feel like that sometimes. JUSTIN: Like a cockroach? AMY: Like how he was part of his family but it was like he was a different species from themÖ [But Justin isnít listening. As Amy talks, the slow-motion sequence and the ominous music begins again.] AMY: Everyone said it was going to be really boring but I don't know [her voice fades out] [Justin sees a montage of female legs, navels, skirts, and breasts, and the shots cross-cut with smutty images from his computer. Amy breaks him out of his trance.] AMY: Hello, am I boring you? JUSTIN: No, sorry. AMY: Forget it. JUSTIN: No, I feel like a cockroach too. [Cut to Diane at work, at a computer screen.] DIANE: Em, is there a way to, check on, which websites somebodyís surfing? EM: Sure, check the history file [She demonstrates] Checkiní up on your kids? [Diane flinches, clearly uneasy about responding]. DIANE: I donít want to be that kind of mom, butÖ EM: Thing is, any kid worth his mouse knows how to clear the history. DIANE: Whatís that mean? EM: Well, they just [Demonstrates] Erase their tracks. DIANE: OK, umÖ any way around that? EM: Well, it gets complicated, I mean, theyíve got parental controls that block certain websites. DIANE: Man, this internet is getting scarier. EM: Honey, you have no idea. [Back at school, Justin walks up to Amy and takes headphones off her head]. JUSTIN: What are you listening to? [Puts on the headphones] Ugh, Switchfoot again? AMY: Come on, it beats the stuff you listen to. JUSTIN: W-well what do you mean? Green Day rules. [Turns to pretty blondes beside him] H-hey guys what do you think? Green Day or Switchfoot? [One of the girls is Monica. Dun-Dun-DUNNH] MONICA: Switchfootís for altar boys. Gotta go with Green. [She walks off. Amy is pissed.] AMY: Maybe youíd rather have lunch with her. JUSTIN: H-hey, Iím just saying. AMY: I know what youíre saying. JUSTIN: Well here, [takes headphones again] let me listen to it one more time, okay? [Puts on headphones, pretends to listen a bit.] AMY: Itís good! JUSTIN: Yeah! PRAISE THE LORD! AMY: [Snatches headphones] Shut up. [Later that night, Steven walks into the bedroom. Diane is reading a book.] DIANE: Wow. STEVEN: Kill me now. [Collapses on bed] DIANE: Why are you this late? STEVEN: Well, if Iím gonna make San Francisco workÖ [Diane jumps on him, thrilled] DIANE: Oh, weíre going? STEVE: [Laughs] Uhh, Iíll be in a bodybag. DIANE: [Kisses him repeatedly] Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! [She starts rubbing his back, and he moans excessively]. STEVEN: Oh, ohhhh, that feels greeeat. Ohhh, this is why I married you. DIANE: Not for love? STEVEN: Oh, for the love of your backrubs! [She stops] No, please donít stop, Iíll shut up, [she resumes] ohhhhhh, uhhhhhÖ so, where are the kids? DIANE: Well, Alex went to bed early, probably has homework he didnít want to finish, and Justinís in his roomÖ you know, this would be a great time to have that little talk with him. STEVEN: What talk? DIANE: Ugh, about the stuff I saw on the computer? STEVEN: Oh sweetheart, what am I supposed to say about that? DIANE: [Gets off] Youíre the dad, Iím sure youíll think of something. [Steven gets up] STEVEN: He's not a pervert just because he wants to look at pictures of naked women. [He walks into Justinís room. Heís in front of his computer, listening to headphones and copying something on the screen down on a notepad.] STEVEN: Multitasking? JUSTIN: What? STEVEN: [Makes motion to remove headphones] Whatís up? JUSTIN: What's up? I mean, I've got a lot of math homework. STEVEN: Yeah. Right. Okay. Um [picks up object momentarily] your uh, mom, your mom was uh, up late couple of nights ago and she saw some pictures on your computer. JUSTIN: U-uh, um, Iím real sorry about that. It wonít ever happen again, I promise. STEVEN: I mean, itís normal toÖ look, [Sits down] all guys want to look at pictures. When I was your age, we used to hide our Playboys under the bed. JUSTIN: [Smiles] Yeah? STEVEN: Yeah. But uh, you know, relationshipís about more than just sex. Your mom was, beautiful when I met her. I mean she still is, but, w-w-what we share, itís not just physical. You know w-we uh, we just enjoy each otherís company. [Justin chuckles a bit] STEVEN: This make any sense to you? JUSTIN: No. Sounds like mom sent you in here. STEVEN: No, itís, itís me too. Sheís worried that there might be a problem. If you're, you know- JUSTIN: No, no, dad, geez, thereís no problem. I mean you said it yourself. All guys do it. STEVEN: Yeah. Yeah, thatís what I told her. Itís nothing to worry aboutÖ so, howís practice anyway, huh? JUSTIN: Itís great. [Cut back to the master bedroom. Steven walks back in.] DIANE: Well? STEVEN: No problem. DIANE: What does that mean? STEVEN: I told him thereís more to life than big boobs. DIANE: [Disgusted again] Youíre kidding, right!? STEVEN: I said relationships are about more than sex. I brought up how we share the joys and heartaches that invariably come your way in life. DIANE: Should I be writing this down? STEVEN: Di, I know youíre concerned but heís a regular teenage boy. Heís got to look at this stuff, then he moves on. Itís normal. [Removes his shirt.] DIANE: OkayÖ [She looks ahead, worried.] [Thereís another dissolve, back to Justinís room. He gets out of bed, turns on the computerÖ but then stops for a moment. He walks over the bedroom door and shuts it in the face of the camera. Fade to commercial break.] [Fade in from commercial. Weíre now at the school swimming pool again.] COACH: Alright everybody, listen up. [After a beat] Listen up! The meet is this weekend! So you know the drill, right? Three Rís! [As the coach lectures, Justin looks at pictures of women in lingerie on a PDA.] COACH: [Over the montage of girly pictures] Rest, relaxation, and restraint. [Justin downloads the images to a disc.] COACH: Alright, now. Whoís the best? SWIM TEAM: We are! COACH: Thatís right, yes we are. Alright, get out of here! [Everybody gets up and starts leaving. Justin sends an alluring photo to himself: Justin@email. Amy walks up, surprising him.] AMY: Hey! Whatcha doin with my PDA? [Justin hurridley switches back to the main menu] JUSTIN: Um, just, sending myself an e-mail so I donít forget. AMY: Forget what? JUSTIN: [Suave] How beautiful you are. AMY: Oh, thatís so sweet! You can use it for that anytime. JUSTIN: Thanks. [He hands the PDA back to her] AMY: Even though thatís a total lie. JUSTIN: [After a beat] OK you got me, I was playing an online game. AMY: [Ruffles his hair] Duh. [Justin gets up and walks away. Amy looks on, detecting something strange going on.] [Fade to Justiní s room. Heís listening to a song that sounds almost exactly like Linkin Park. He pulls up more porn, takes a big swig of an energy drink, and tosses the can in the trash. He then inserts a blank CD. A few keystrokes and then a dialog box that says "Downloading video trailer" pops up over the porn site] [Diane is in another room, on the phone.] DIANE: Yeah, tell the girls less isÖ ALEX: [Offscreen, whining] Moooom! DIANE: Ö Sophisticated, not slutty. ALEX: Mom! DIANE: Iíll bring you tons of magazines. ALEX: Mom. DIANE: Exactly. ALEX: Mom. DIANE: Iíll talk to them. [Holds up a hand to shoo Alex away] ALEX: [Whispers] Whenís dinner? DIANE: [Into the phone] Hang on. [To Alex, checking her watch] Five minutes. Go tell your brother! [Alex walks off, annoyed] DIANE: [Back to the phone] Sorry. [Cut back to Justinís room. Heís still looking at porn. Alex storms in.] ALEX: Hey dork! [Justin desperately tries to close out the smut but only receives a barrage of pop-ups.] JUSTIN: You know what? No, get out of here. ALEX: Whatís that? Let me see! JUSTIN: None of your business! Get out of here! [He manages to shut off the monitor.] ALEX: Let me see! JUSTIN: No! [Shoves Alex] get out of here! [Alex runs off] ALEX: Fine, Iím telling mom! JUSTIN: Ok, wait, nononono. ALEX: [Turning around] Can I see? [Justin sighs heavily, and hangs his head.] JUSTIN: Close the door. ALEX: Let me see. JUSTIN: I said close the door! [Alex does so, and walks back to the computer. Justin grabs a handful of his shirt.] JUSTIN: Look, what Iím gonna show you you gotta promise me that you wonít tell mom or dad. ALEX: I promise! JUSTIN: [Lets his shirt go] Look, I swear Iíll smash all your video games. Got it? ALEX: Promise! Címon, hurry up, dinnerís in five minutes. [Justin turns the monitor back on. We donít see whatís on the screen; the camera stays on Alexís face as he looks, shocked.] [Cut to the dinner table. Alex now has a dead stare, traumatized.] DIANE: [Picking up a handful of lettuce with wooden spoons] So howís uh, the history paper coming along? JUSTIN: Fine, I mean, Iím struggling a little bit, but I-Iíll nail it. Thinking about going to Amyís later, get a bit of work on it. DIANE: Nope, not on a school night, not this late. JUSTIN: Mom, itís homework. DIANE: Call her on the phone. Sure thatíll work just as well. [Diane notices that something is wrong with Alex, who is tearing his dinner roll instead of eating it.] DIANE: AlexÖ whatís going on? [He shoves the whole dinner roll in his mouth.] ALEX: [Mouthful of food] Mmgumphum. JUSTIN: Um, h-heís all pumped up. He just defeated the drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto. [Alex nods in agreement, mouth still crammed. Justin and Alex high-five.] DIANE: [Dumfounded] Nice. ALEX: [Mouthful of food] Thank you. JUSTIN: Itís pretty cool. [She shovels in a mouthful.] [Cut to Amyís house. Sheís on the phone in her bedroom.] AMY: The Founding Fathers didnít talk about religion. But, they were men of faith. [Cross-cut between Justin and Amy] JUSTIN: Washington too? AMY: Yep. He prayed. [Flips to a section in her notes, reads:] ďOh most glorious God, make me to know what is acceptable in thy holy word.Ē JUSTIN: You know, I think itís tight that youíre not afraid to talk about your faith. AMY: Yeah? Most kids donít think so. JUSTIN: Who cares? I respect it. AMY: So, will I ever get you to come to church with me? JUSTIN: You never know. Whatís it do for you? AMY: I donít know. I guess it puts things in perspective. It comforts me. Makes all that stupid stuff we obsess about seemÖ stupid. JUSTIN: Yeah. Itís cool. [Heís looking at a photo of Monica, moving the cursor around her curves.] [Cut to neighborhood street, Justin and Timmy are walking.] TIMMY: You know youíre alright, for a scrawny righteous sophomore virgin. JUSTIN: Dude, Iím not scrawny. TIMMY: Seriously dude, Angel Girlís nice and everything, but dude, nobody dates! You know what you need? What every other slacker in his life needs. A little bit of [Holds up cell phone] Monica. [Justin takes the phone away from him and observes a photo of her face] JUSTIN: Wow, heh, she definitely is hot. Have you and Monica done it... TIMMY: We, no, no, itíd be a little too weird with Dooley, but you, you could. JUSTIN: Serious? TIMMY: Yeah, sheís sick of him! And youíre smart. Now get educated. [Holds up the phone again] Get Monica. JUSTIN: Yeah. Monica. [Cut to Justinís room. Alex walks over to the computer with two glasses of milk and sandwiches His friend is there, playing some nondescript shooting game.] ALEX: Hey. FRIEND: Hey. I just shot down three more Nazi planes. [Alex puts down the milk and sandwiches.] FRIEND: Itís boring making these every day! ALEX: Yeah, Iím sick of that game too. [Sits down.] Wanna see something really gross? FRIEND: What? [Alex shuts the door.] ALEX: Thomas, youíve got to promise not to tell anyone, because if my brother caught me heíd kill me. THOMAS: What? I promise, I wonít tell anyone. [Alex takes the mouseÖ] [Cut to Timmyís house again. Justin is hammering away on a controller, Timmy sits on the couch. Timmy says something unintelliable, I think itís ďWhy donít you snipe him?Ē] JUSTIN: Canít, thingís not working. [Timmy scoffs. Justin gets up and takes the keyboard] JUSTIN: Hey, I found this pretty extreme website last night. Itís pretty extreme, dude. TIMMY: Another multiplayer game? JUSTIN: No man, something a lot hotter. TIMMY: [Slightly confused] Go for it. [Justin rapidly types ďleather bondageĒ into the Snoop-EZ search engine. A site pops up: ďLatex BondageĒ, showing what appears to be people in full bondage gear doing kinky things.] TIMMY: Oh man, get that crap off my computer, Iím gonna get spam forever! JUSTIN: [Smile fades] But youíve got to check out this babe with the hugeÖ [The screen changes to a girl in a latex outfit that shows cleavage] TIMMY: No, come on, dude, no, I donít care, bro. That stuffís way too twisted! Dude, you're getting scuzzy! JUSTIN: [Getting out of it.] Sorry, man. [Justin is obviously shocked at Timmyís reaction. He folds his hands in his lap.] [Fade to the school hallway, empty. Justin walks in, past a janitor mopping, and into the pool area. He watches his mom swim, and in the process begins fantasizing about swimming with her, both of them smiling at each other. Eew. He gets up and begins walking away. Diane notices him.] DIANE: Justin! [Gasping for breath] This is a nice surprise. [Gasps some more] Wanna join me? JUSTIN: No, I just, um, got to, finish my homework in Study Hall, so, just came down to see if you were still working out. DIANE: Would you hand me my towel? [Justin does so.] Thanks. [She begins drying herself] So whatís going on? JUSTIN: N-no, not much. That was a pretty decent last fifty. DIANE: [Scoffs] You shouldíve seen me in college. [Justin nods, but then hangs his head, suffering from guilt.] DIANE: Did something happen today? JUSTIN: No. Why? DIANE: You seem upset about something. JUSTIN: No, I, just got a bad headache. Prolly cuz I didnít eat lunch today. DIANE: [Same puzzled look from before] Nice. Okay, Iím gonna go get changed and um, [clears throat] letís go pick up some takeout food for dinner. Howís that sound? JUSTIN: Sounds good, yeah. DIANE: Yeah? Okay. [She walks away, leaving Justin to sit beside the pool in his misery.] [Fade to Justinís bedroom, at night. He walks away from his computer, but then paces back and forth, trying to make a decision. He pulls open a drawer FULL of energy drinks and takes one. We see heís looking at Monicaís website again. He chugs the drink, and opens up an email which reads, quote: ďYouír soooo amazing! He takes another sip, watching her dance sexily as she blows him a kiss. Fade to commercial break.] [Back from the commercial. We see a big swimming race with lots of people cheering loudly. Justin looks at more lingerie models on Amyís PDA, sending them to the same e-mail address.] [ Steven staggers up to Diane, with a goofy grin on his face and two sodas.] DIANE: Thank you. STEVEN: Yeah, right. [Diane glances curiously at Justin playing with the PDA] WOMAN: Whereís Alex today? STEVEN: Book report due. DIANE: Hasnít read the book. AMY: Justin, your heatís up! [Justin notices Amy and closes out of the porn. She tries to snatch the PDA from him.] AMY: Justin, gimmie that, címon! What are you doing? JUSTIN: Nothing, Iím justÖ [he staggers and spills his drink all over himself] Great! Ugh! [A random guy runs up] RANDOM GUY: What are you doing!? Get it together! [Justin continues stumbling around, pulling on everybody. Diane notices this.] DIANE: I donít know whatís heís doing down there, heís goofing around. [Justin, robe off and swim cap in place, is approached by the angry swim coach.] COACH: Glad you could join us, Mister Peterson. [Justin nods, the coach walks off, irritated.] ANNOUNCER: Swimmers to your blocks! On your markÖ [All the swimmers get into position. A gun is fired, and everybody jumps in the pool. Thereís lots of cheering and rootingÖ Justin swims as hard as he can.] AMY: Come on, come on! DIANE: Push it! Youíre almost at the turn, go, go! [Justin reaches the other side] COACH: Donít you quit on me, Peterson, letís go! [Justin and the others turn around and swim toward the other side. Diane and everybody else bounce up and down with joy. But this time, try as he might, Justinís not cutting it. The ominous music starts up againÖ both of his parents start looking very concerned.] AMY: Come on, you can do it, pick it up! [Justin reaches the other side, takes off his goggles. Diane shrinks into her seat, mortified. The announcer announces the winner. Steven sits down as well, very sad.] ANNOUNCER: The winner of the green, Matthew Stoakes! Jason Jane takes second place and finishing at third place is Justin Peterson! STEVEN: He ran out of gas! DIANE: [Scoffs, disgusted] He wasnít ready to race. [Justin gets out of the pool and sees him mom looking at him over the rail. Sheís extremely disappointed and walks away slowly.] [Cut to a street at night. Itís raining really hard now. Justin is walking with a group of people, which includes Amy and ĎNolaní from earlier.] JUSTIN: You know what guys? Yeah, Iím really not that hungry, okay? AMY: Come on, All-State, I mean cheeseburger, vanilla shake, I mean that is true happiness! NOLAN: I think Justy just blew the one-hundred cuz he knew heíd be looking at my ass in the finals! AMY: Hehheh. JUSTIN: Probably! NOLAN: Iím gonna go snag a table. [Runs into a restaurant] AMY: [???], we donít have to do this, we can just go eat at my place. JUSTIN: N-no, Iím just, Iím just, Iím gonna head home, you hang out here with Nolan, alright? AMY: I-Iíll come with you! JUSTIN: N-n-no, hey, Iím really beat, Iíll call you later, okay? [Justin walks off quickly, leaving Amy lost in confusion.] [Back at home, Alex is playing on his brotherís computerÖ or rather, looking at more porn, as evidenced by the ďSexy TeensĒ site on the monitor. He e-mails the pictures of clothed cleavage to himself: alex@email, and then stuffs a burned CD in his pocket.] [Diane and Steven walk into the kitchen.] DIANE: Look, he canít afford to screw up like this. College coaches are aware of him, you know you never know when one of emíll show up at a meet. STEVEN: I know! DIANE: Heís got one shot! One! Swimming. C-college is, Justinís only chance at a good college is in the pool. STEVEN: You know, maybe we need to consider the fact that heís not like you. OK? He canít, under pressure, respond like youÖ DIANE: [Taking clothes out of a laundry basket] Oh, heís better than I was, heís faster, heís stronger, t-thereís something else going on that I just, I canít talk to him. STEVEN: Well, you want me to talk to him? DIANE: [Scoffs] Didnít do much good the last time! STEVEN: [Hurt] Thanks! DIANE: Well, huhuhÖ STEVEN: You know what I think? DIANE: What? STEVEN: I think youíre pushing him way too hard to be like you. DIANE: Oh, I am not. STEVEN: Let him be who he wants to be! We can afford some college! DIANE: Some college? STEVEN: Why not? Iím working my butt off to makeÖ DIANE: So am IÖ ! STEVEN: Ö Money so that both the boys will have opportunitiesÖ DIANE: SO AM I, STEVEN! But itís never gonna be enough, for even some college. [Diane storms off, but comes back.] DIANE: [Weakly] Did you make those reservations for San Francisco? STEVEN: [After a dramatic beat] No. DIANE: [After another beat] Donít. We canít afford it and, nowís not the time to go away, soÖ [She walks away again, leaving Steven dejected.] [Fade to the pool area again. Justin arrives, fully clothed. As the ominous music continues, he strips down to his underwear and jumps in. He dashes to the other side.] JUSTIN: Yes! [Cut to the house again. Diane is in Alexís room, putting clothes in the dresser drawer. We hear thunder rumbling. As she opens the top drawer, she notices a CD under the boxer shorts. She picks it up and reveals the label to the camera: ďVirgin VaginasĒ.] [Back at the pool, Justin exhaustedly treads water, then plunges beneath the surface. Now reality integrates with another fantasy. Hot, moaning girls swim around him in various states of undress. He gets lost in a sea of feminine flesh. Reality shows that heís still floating around underwater.] [Back to the house again. Alex, Diane and Steven are all sitting around in the family room, extremely quiet. Steven taps the case with the ďVirgin VaginasĒ disc inside against the coffee table.] ALEX: [Weak, detached] Can I go to bed now? DIANE: No. ALEX: But I have a geography test tomorrow. DIANE: Youíll sit here until your brother gets home. STEVEN: And he better have an explanation. DIANE: Like what? ďVirgin VaginasĒ are a new band? [She shakes her head in sorrow. The door opens. The parents both jump up. Justin walks in.] JUSTIN: Whatís going on? STEVEN: [Waving ďVirgin VaginasĒ] Your mother found this in Alexís room. JUSTIN: What is it? DIANE: Porn! Did he get it off your computer? JUSTIN: Did he say that? STEVEN: Doesnít matter what he said! Weíre asking you! JUSTIN: Thereís a bunch of guys at school razzing me, I mean, you know, cuz me and Amy are so conservative about having sex and stuff. DIANE: Yeah? So? JUSTIN: [Shrugs] So they send me these pictures! STEVEN: Which guys? JUSTIN: [Shrugs again] I donít know exactly. It was a bunch of em, they did it as kind of a joke. DIANE: A joke!? You think sending, porn is a JOKE!? [In Justinís face] Itís garbage Justin, and I donít want it in my house, EVER, you understand!? JUSTIN: [Very plain.] Yes. DIANE: However you got it, either your brother found it himself or you showed it to him, which I hope to God, you didnít doÖ [Justin puts on his guilt face again. Thereís a beat.] ALEX: I found it. [Both parents turn to look at him.] STEVEN: You found it? ALEX: [Another beat] On accident. [Steven turns back to Justin, very angry now. Another beat.] ALEX: Iím sorry, mom. DIANE: [Weakly] Alright, go to bed. [Alex jumps up and runs out] STEVEN: [Waves ďVirgin VaginasĒ some more] Listen, these friends that send you this crap? Those friendships are over! JUSTIN: [Nods slightly] Yes, dad. Look, Iím sorry. I really am. [Justin walks away, leaving everyone very upset looking. Diane scoffs again.] DIANE: What do you think? STEVEN: Well, I donít think heís lying. [They turn out the lamps in the living room. Diane shoots him a disgusted glance.] STEVEN: I believe him! [Diane turns out the living room light. Stephen is left in the dark.] STEVEN: You donít believe him? [Cut to Justinís room. He gets out of bed, staring at the computer that seems to be calling him.] [Fade to the school hallway, crowded. Diane stands in the middle, waiting for someone. Itís the woman from the beginning of the movie.] WOMAN: Oh, hi, huhuhuh, oh my God did we have a lunch date and I forgot to write it down? DIANE: Oh, no, no, I just thought Iíd give it a shot. You free? WOMAN: Oh, uh, no. Grading freshman book reports is my lunch. DIANE: Well, another time Iíd just um, I needed some advice about something, soÖ WOMAN: Well, Iíve got a sec. Um, whatís up? DIANE: Uhh, um, I donít really, remember the details, and, and itís, itís none of my business, okay, but uh, um, didnít you break up with Tom over something to do with uh, Internet porn? WOMAN: Oh my God, is StevenÖ DIANE: No, no. Um, itís um, itís Justin. WOMAN: [Shocked and saddened] Justin? DIANE: [Nods solemnly] Yeah. WOMAN: [After a beat] My marriage was destroyed, because of his addiction to Internet porn. [Diane begins to hang her head, but the bell rings suddenly.] DIANE: Oh, great, um, [smiling] you gotta go! Uh, Iím sure this is like, some silly teenage stuffÖ WOMAN: No, Di, weíve got to talk more about this. And you have got to monitor his computer. DIANE: YeahÖ [smiles nervously] Got it. Thanks, see you later. [Diane walks offscreen. Her friend is very upset.] [Cut to a very busy street in the middle of the day. Justin is running.] [Cut to the house. Diane arrives home with a big shopping bag. When she tries to pick it up, the contents fall out: tons and tons of censorware. On Justinís computer, she attempts to install it but receives an error message:]
101 Error Message Access to server entry incomplete Internet connection unverified please re-enter information
[She sighs in defeatÖ] DIANE: Alex! [Cut back to the busy street. We see Justin walking some moreÖ he goes into a convience store.] [Cut back to the house. The software (BLOXXX) is successfully installed, complete with little beeping computer noises. Alex sits beside his mom, and they exchange smiles.] DIANE: Thanks, honey. ALEX: No problem. DIANE: Heh, yeah, not for you. ALEX: MomÖ you know we can get around the software, right? DIANE: [Confused] What do you mean, does it work? ALEX: Oh no, itís fine, for some people, itís just that me and Justin are good with computers. Not that we would try and get it around it or anything, Iím just saying thatÖ DIANE: Oh, I-Iím sure you wonít, especially if we move the computer into the family room! ALEX: What about when youíre not home? DIANE: Well, guess the power cord goes with me! [Kisses Alex, ruffles his hair, leaves the room.] [Cut back to the convenience storeÖ er, internet cafť, where Justin is typing on a computer in the back. We see that he is viewing Monicaís page again. He sends her an e-mail: ďwhen can we get togather?Ē He swigs another energy drink. The cell phone rings.] JUSTIN: Hey! [Cross-cut between Justin and Amy. Amy is in some kind of restaurant with really loud music.] AMY: Hey, how are ya! JUSTIN: Fine. Sorry I took off last night. AMY: Yeah. I was worried about you. You know, a bunch of us are at the diner if you wanna come over! JUSTIN: Um, can I call you later? AMY: [Concerned] Thatís what you said last night. [Justin taps a key and a video feed of Monica appears on the screen.] JUSTIN: Nowís not a good time. AMY: Why are you being so weird to me? [More video footage of Monica] JUSTIN: Look, Iíll callyoulaterIpromise. [In the diner, the camera zooms out from an upset-looking Amy] AMY: Bye. [Hangs up] [Justin puts the cell phone back in his pocket, and quickly types another message to Monica: ďI really need to see you.Ē Another message pops up in response: ďCanít wait.Ē] JUSTIN: Thatís cool. [Justin takes a swig of his energy drink. Fade to commercial break.] [Fade into the family at the dinner table. Crickets chirp in the background.] DIANE: Why donít we rent a movie tonight? We havenít done that in ages. STEVEN: Yeah. That sounds good. ALEX: Thatíd be great mom. JUSTIN: I canít, um, [they all look at him] math test, I-I promised Amy Iíd come over tonight and do some work. DIANE: Do it over the phone. JUSTIN: Mom, itís equations, itís kind of hard to do equations over the phone, itís.. like impossible. [Diane and Steven exchange a glance.] DIANE: What do you think? STEVEN: [Reluctantly, chewing] OK, but you gotta be home by nine. JUSTIN: No problem. Nine o clockÖ [The camera stays on his face for a minute, thenÖ cut to the street at night. Justin peers into the window of a diner (ďHot Plates SandwichesĒ) and walks in. Monica sits at an empty booth and they both smile at each other. She makes a Ďdrinkingí motion with her hand. Justin spins around and faces the bar.] JUSTIN: I, uh, two sodas please. [Cut to the Peterson homestead. The three remaining family members sit in the living room behind a coffee table with a bunch of junk on it. The phone rings.] ALEX: Should I pause it? DIANE: [Getting up] Uh no, keep watching. [She runs over to the phone and picks it up.] DIANE: Hello? [Smiles] Hi, Amy. [Smile drops, long pause] I uh, I-I thought he was with you. [Cut back to the diner. Justin gets the two sodas and brings them over to the table.] JUSTIN: [Setting them down] Here you go. MONICA: Thanks. JUSTIN: No problem. [Removes his jacket and sits] MONICA: Hey, Iím glad weíre finally getting together. JUSTIN: M-me too! MONICA: [Fiddling with her straw suggestively] You know Iíve been thinking about you. JUSTIN: HehÖ MONICA: Have you been thinking about me? JUSTIN: [After a beat] Oh yeah. MONICA: [Laughs] Youíre so cute. JUSTIN: HehÖ MONICA: [Inserts straw into drink] You know I heard youíre quite the fish in the pool. JUSTIN: Um, Iím okay I guess. MONICA: Yeah. If Dooley went all-state, heíd walk around with a billboard. JUSTIN: HehÖ MONICA: [A beat] You know Iíd like to come watch you swim sometime. JUSTIN: [Removes straw from his mouth] Uh yeah, sure, well, I should just, t-the meets are usually on SaturdayÖ thereís a lot of kids who come and stuff too, soÖ yeah. MONICA: [Grinning maliciously] I bet you look incredibly hot in one of those tiny bathing suits. MONICA: SoÖ [gets right in his face] pretty cool, huh? A sophomore boy hooking up with a senior girl. JUSTIN: [At a loss, nods quickly] Itís pretty cool, yeah. MONICA: Yeah? [She takes his hand and places it on her breast.] MONICA: How cool... is this? [Justin is quite surprised. He quickly peers behind him to make sure nobodyís watching.] JUSTIN: HehÖ [Removes his hand] MONICA: You should come to my place, my parents arenít home. JUSTIN: Well, uh, I gotta get going actually. MONICA: [Disappointed] Now? JUSTIN: Yeah. Well, I um, I have this stupid history paper due. [Thereís a long pause. Their faces are really close to each other.] JUSTIN: [Suave] I would really like to do something with you tonight, but I canít. Sorry. MONICA: So am I. [Monica gets up, and after struggling to get his jacket on, so does Justin.] JUSTIN: You know, um, IíllÖ see you at school sometime then, huh? MONICA: Yeah. JUSTIN: OK, bye. [Monica watches him leave. A guy at the bar taps him on the shoulder.] GUY AT BAR: Hey, Justin wassup? [Justin ignores him and walks out. Monica sighs, pleased with her future conquest.] [Back at home, Diane wipes off a paint brush. Justin walks in.] DIANE: Where were you? JUSTIN: I was studying. DIANE: [Saddened] Amy called. You said you were going over there. JUSTIN: I was, then I realized I needed some reference books for my history paper so I went to the library. DIANE: [Sighs] Letís see the books. JUSTIN: [Considers] OK, fine. [Puts his bag down, starts to open it.] DIANE: [Rolls eyes] OK, nevermind. [Realizing heís off the hook, Justin gets up again.] DIANE: Justin, am I, going to have to start checking up on you all the time now? JUSTIN: [Shrugs] NoÖ I-I tried calling you, and Amy, itís just that, [takes breath] my phone didnít have any service in the library. [Diane looks at him sadly] JUSTIN: I apologize, about this and, Iímll go call Amy nowÖ ok? [Kisses her cheek] Night. DIANE: [Miserable] Night. [Justin shuts the door to his room. Diane walks away, very concerned.] [Fade to Justinís room, in the morning. His mom rushes in.] DIANE: Justin, wake up [shaking him] come on, [yanks covers away] Youíre gonna be late for practice. Letís go. [Justin gets up slowly, very tired] JUSTIN: [Yawns, realizes something quickly] W-whereís my computer? DIANE: I moved it to the family room. JUSTIN: OhÖ [Sinks down, clutches his forehead] OKÖ DIANE: [Rushing out] Iíll be in the car. [Justin stumbles out of bed and walks over to his drawer. Opening it reveals only three energy drinks left. He takes one out and starts to drink up.] [Fade to the school yard. Justin sits on a bench. Amy walks back.] AMY: [To random girls] I mean, I donít understand that, I donít think we ever went over that chapterÖ JUSTIN: [Jumping up] Amy, Amy wait, Amy, Iím sorry for being so random lately. AMY: [Theyíre now in the hallway] Yeah, so whatís up with that? JUSTIN: I dunno, my momís been on me a lot about becoming a better swimmer so Iíll go get a scholarship. [They stop] AMY: [Holding his hand] Look, I know youíre under a lot of pressureÖ why donít you talk to me anymore? JUSTIN: I want toÖ I will, youíre the best, you know that. AMY: [Walking off] I donít feel that way. JUSTIN: Hey! [Catches up] Hey, come here! [Holds her] You know I need a bit of math homework help, so can I come over tonight? AMY: [Tosses hair back] You, need math homework help? [Justin laughs] AMY: Come on, I'm the one who needs help. JUSTIN: Oh just, looking for an excuse to come over. AMY: [A beat] And youíll show up this time? JUSTIN: Oh, absolutely! [Kisses her on the cheek, she walks away. He grabs and hugs herÖ but then she notices Monica approaching him.] MONICA: Hey. Last night was sweet. JUSTIN: [Nervous] Um, yeah, it was. MONICA: Soo, when do you wanna come over? JUSTIN: Can I e-mail you later? MONICA: Yeah, canít wait. [Walks away] [Justin notices that Amy was watching, and is angry.] [Fade to the boyís locker room later. Justin is approached by Dooley.] DOOLEY: Hey, Leather Boy. So whatís sick, slick? GUY WITH WEIRD HAIR: Timmy says youíre the new king of porn. DOOLEY: Kinky, the Clown. JUSTIN: Yeah well you know, I mean, have to watch a bit of porn before swim practice, it kind of jumps me up a bit, you know? GUY WITH WEIRD HAIR: Hear youíre a real freak though. Into the real twisted stuff. JUSTIN: [Realizing heís losing ground] Come on you guys Iím just fooliní around, this whole porn thingís a joke. DOOLEY: [Leans in] Youíre the joke, Leather Boy. Yeah. [Timmy comes up from behind] JUSTIN: Hey dudeÖ TIMMY: Hey freak. Iím still getting perverted spam on account of you. I oughta kick your warped ass. GUY: [Somewhere in the background] Do it! [Timmy punches him in the rib, then bitch slaps him.] GUYS: Ohhhh, [Laugh] [Timmy walks off. One of the guys calls out ďLeather Boy!Ē one last time. Justin is stunned and confused. Fade to commercial break.] [Fade into Diane and Unidentified Woman from earlier having a conversation in the kitchen.] WOMAN: We stopped having sex. You know, I thought it was getting routine so, IÖ tried to spice it up, and, he went into the den. [Diane looks confused.] WOMAN: The computer, is in the den. Four in the morning I go in there and heís, surfing porn, andÖ [Reluctant] DIANE: W-what did you do? WOMAN: I couldnít say anything. I was too embarrassed, I was [wincing] so hurt. JustÖ turned around and went back to bed. [Silence] Well, I wanted us to do some therapy, but he said there was no problem, said it was me, that I was overreactingÖ he would stay up all night and watch that stuffÖ [Approaching tears] But he couldnít bear to touch me! The real thing lying in the next room. [Diane shakes her head, also close to tears.] WOMAN: I donít want to scare you, I mean this was a big thing for meÖ Iím sureÖ Justinís just going through a phase. Donít all teenage boys do this? DIANE: [Scared] I donít know. [Cut to Amyís room, later. Justin has his back propped against the bed and is flipping through stuff. Amy is spread out on her stomach.] AMY: Am I gonna see you this weekend? JUSTIN: Yeah, if you still want to. AMY: Yeah, I just thought, I dunno, maybe youíd be hanging out with Timmy and his crew. JUSTIN: No I mean, Timmyís cool and all but the rest of em? Ö I donít reallyÖ AMY: What about Monica? JUSTIN: [Feigning innocence] Monica. AMY: You know I saw you talking to her. JUSTIN: Yeah, so she came and said hi, it doesnít mean anything. I mean, I canít diss her. AMY: [After a few beats, trying to find the right words] You seen her website? JUSTIN: [Resumes half-hearted lie] No, Iíve heard rumors about it though. AMY: [Beat] Everyone says sheÖ takes off her clothes and, does things in front of the I-Cam for Dooley. JUSTIN: Are you serious? Iíd never heard anything about that before. [Looks in different directions, scratches his nose.] AMY: I know sheís interested in you. JUSTIN: [Thinks a minute, then puts his notes down] I donít care whoís interested in me [Starts climbing onto the bed] Iím only [brushes book away] interested in you. OK, I love you. AMY: [Laughs] Justin! [He pushes her down and they start playing tonsil hockey again.] JUSTIN: [Brushing her hair, suave] I missed you. [More making outÖ Justin tries to undo her pants] AMY: JustinÖ JUSTIN: [In-between kisses] What? AMY: I canít. JUSTIN: [Stops] What do you mean we canít? Why not? [Thereís a long pause as Amy tries to find the right words. But Justin jumps up, agitated.] JUSTIN: You know what, this is so stupid! Why do we have to be the last people to do everything!? AMY: I donít care what other people do! If all you want is a friend with benefits then maybe you should find someone else! JUSTIN: Maybe I should! [Justin grabs his crap and leaves. On the way out, he runs into Amyís mom in the open door.] AMYíS MOM: Night, Justin. [Amy, very upset, grabs her notes and resumes studying.] AMYíS MOM: Amy? Is everything alright? AMY: [Tosses head up, tears in eyes, pretends to be normal] Yeah, everythingís fine! AMYíS MOM: OK! [Walks away, leaving Amy crying.] [Fade to the green aisle in a supermarket. Alex pushes a very odd-looking shopping cart, with Justin and Diane on either side.] DIANE: A-a-and what do you think about getting some sage and bezel plants, you know for cooking? You guys like the way that tastes in my spaghetti sauce, right? ALEX: Mom, youíre trying too hard. DIANE: What? ALEX: All this family time, we donít need to bond mom, weíre cool. DIANE: Hey, well, you know, we uh, we gotta replant the garden and I canít carry this stuff all by myself and excuse me whatís wrong with a littleÖ family bonding? JUSTIN: [Shrugs] Iím not complaining! [Dianeís cell rings.] DIANE: Good. [Fishes the phone out, shoos them away] Go. [Answering phone] Hello? JUSTIN: Hey, donít bug her letís just do this and get out of here, okay? ALEX: But today I was going to go play withÖ JUSTIN:Ö Just, chill, alright!? [As Justin and Alex fiddle with the greens, Diane is hearing some shocking news on the phone.] DIANE: OkÖ yeahÖ ok, Iím sorryÖ [Hangs up] That was Thomasís mother. Apparently one of his teachers caught Thomas showing off a pornographic photo on his laptop. [Justin and Alex glance at each other.] JUSTIN: Well, I didnít send it to him! DIANE: No, your brother did. ALEX: I did notÖ DIANE: ALEX, DONíT LIE TO ME! It was sent from your e-mail. Youíre, lucky you didnít get suspended. [Sighs, looks at Justin disgusted] JUSTIN: Why are you looking at me? DIANE: [Ominous] Because you allowed this pornography into our house. [Justin, hurt, begins to walk away but Diane grabs him.] DIANE: Justin, I need you to look at me! I mean it! LOOK at me! [Quieter] You have aÖ problem with pornography. JUSTIN: [Sharply] No, Dr. Phil, I donít. [Diane stares at Justin for a minute, then turns away] DIANE: A-Alex, go get me a, a couple of bags of plant growth. ALEX: Mom, IÖ DIANE: [Pointing] NOW! [Alex walks away] DIANE: Beth went through this with her husband Tom. She gave me a lot of insight into this kind of addiction, it ruined her lifeÖ JUSTIN: Ö Y well, t-thatí s nice mom. DIANE: This isnít like, some sneak-a-peek innocent kind of guy stuff, you, t-this is different and you know it isÖ JUSTIN: Well Iím not Bethís husband, okay mom? DIANE: [Dramatic pause] I know that. But, let me help youÖ JUSTIN: I donít have a problem with pornography! I swear, Iím telling you the truth! OK, I donít have a problem! DIANE: [After another dramatic beat] Good. [Steps back.] Because Iím shutting off Internet access. JUSTIN: Well no mom you canít do that, I have homework assignments and class notes off the Web! [Diane shrugs] JUSTIN: And what about ≠e-mails? DIANE: Use the library computers at school. [Snatches bag of plant growth from Alex] You and I are gonna have a talk in the car. [Storms off] JUSTIN: Nice going you stupid dork! [Fake punches Alex, follows his mom] [Fade to bedroom, night. Diane turns off the light. Steven is already under the covers. She climbs in. Thereís a moment of silence. Crickets chirp.] DIANE: Steven, d-do you, [reluctant] ever need to fantasize aboutÖ STEVEN: [Turning head] Porn? DIANE: Ö Other women? STEVEN: Honey, Iím one of the lucky guys. I married my fantasy. DIANE: [After another pause] But every year I get a little, older, a little, less sexy and, as a fantasy to you Iím sureÖ [Steven props up suddenly] STEVEN: Listen to meÖ you fulfill all my fantasies. Not just the sexual ones. My problem is I donít tell you that enough. [They start kissing.] [Fade to Amyís room. Sheís on the phone.] AMY: N-no, but I think Tammy Carson has a hold on it's in here somewhere. [She flips through her stuff, hums a bit, then picks up her PDA.] AMY: [Sighs] Sorry, Iím still new at this thing. [She pushes buttons and flips through a couple of menus, suddenly arriving at a list of sexy pictures. She sees a pic of a bondage outfit chick, the same one Justin displayed on Timmy's computer.] AMY: [Getting scared] Um, I canít find it Iím gonna have to call you back. [Hangs up, looks at the PDA screen in horror.] [Cut to the swimming pool, the next day. Amy walks up to Justin quickly.] AMY: Justin. [Holds up PDA with porn on it] You forgot something on my PDA. JUSTIN: [Shakes head, frowns] I donít know how that got there. AMY: DONíT LIE TO ME, PLEASE! [Thereís a moment of drama between them. Tears fill Amyís eyes.] AMY: Whatís happened to you!? [Without waiting for an answer, she walks away.] GUY: Whatís going on, man? JUSTIN: HEY, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! COACH: Justin, thatís no way to speak to your teammate. [Justin backs up a little, the music gets louder.] JUSTIN: Screw all you guys. [Runs off] COACH: PetersonÖ Peterson, GET BACK HERE! [Fade to commercial break.] [Fade in to the school library. Justin sits in front of a monitor, drinking some kind of cappuccino drink. Heís working on an assignment entitled, convincingly enough, ďHistory Paper, as more ominious music plays in the background. He makes sure the elderly librarian isnít noticing, then inserts a memory stick into a USB port. A little bit of typing on the keyboard and a search on ďSnoop E-ZĒ brings up more porn.] [Monica sits down a table ten feet away from Justin. He brings up her website, and glances back and forth between the real person and the porn on the screen.] [Cut to the place Diane works. The phone rings. Em, the co-worker from earlier, picks it up.] EM: Diane Petersonís line. Um, [Diane approaches] yeah, hang on a second. [Hands the phone to her] DIANE: Sorry. [On phone, smiling] Hi, this is Diane. [Her smile fades again, she shakes her head] Yes. I-I havenítÖ [shakes head nervously] IíllÖ I-Iíll be right there. [Hangs up] EM: Is everything okay? [Diane is grabbing her stuff and leaving hurriedly] EM: Di, what is it, whatís wrong? [Cut to school. Justin sits on a bench and stares at his hands in his lap. His parents are in the office behind him.] PRINCIPAL: Justin hacked through the library firewall. [The rents look horrified] Of course this means he wonít be allowed to use the school computers until further notice. STEVEN: Why, are you suspending him? PRINCIPAL: No but, heís put on probation for the rest of the school year. And he has detention for the next, four Saturday mornings. STEVEN: Well I think thatís, more than fair. PRINCIPAL: I have a, a copy of Justinís progress report [Opens folder on desk, pulls out file, hands it to traumatized Diane.] [Diane flips through the file and shakes her head in disbelief. She hands the file to Steven.] STEVEN: Why didnít the school tell us his grades were slipping? PRINCIPAL: We sent a copy of the report home, and we e-mailed it. Look, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, have um, have either of you ever caught Justin visiting porn sites? STEVEN: No! I meanÖ heís looked at some picturesÖ DIANE: Yes Iíve, Iíve, caught him looking at um, porn sites at home. PRINCIPAL: Well Justin was visiting porn sites on the libraryís computer. Look heís, heís not the only student with this type of problem. Since all this new technology makes the Internet so incredibly accessible, pornography addiction has become far more commonÖ if you want some help I have a list of therapists you might want to contact. [Takes another file] STEVEN: [In shock] Thanks. I think we can take care of it. [Gets up uneasily] DIANE: Actually, I, Iíd really appreciate that list [Gets handed a copy] [Justinís parents emerge from the office. He gets up off the bench.] STEVEN: Letís go. Now. JUSTIN: Canít, I have practice. DIANE: No you donít, youíve been suspended from the team. [Theyíre walking down the hall] DIANE: You gonna tell us what you were looking at online? [Justin doesnít respond. After a moment of silence, Steven gives him a light slap.] STEVEN: Answer your mother. JUSTIN: [After another moment] You know, stuff. Websites, picturesÖ STEVEN: What? JUSTIN: [Mutters] Pornography. STEVEN: [Grabs his arm violently] I canít hear you! JUSTIN: I SAID PORNOGRAPHY! [Shoves his dad away] GEEZ! I WAS LOOKING AT PORNOGRAPHY, IS THAT WHAT YOU GUYS WANNA HEAR? [Backs away, storms out, slams the door.] [Diane looks on with sadness.] [Fade to the house later on. Justin stands in another room while his parents talk unintelligibly in the kitchen. He walks in slowly, hands in pockets, and they glance at him] JUSTIN: [After a moment of silence, crickets chirping, weakly] I can stop. STEVEN: Well, I donít think itís gonna be that easy, Justin. JUSTIN: But I know I can do it. DIANE: Justin, youíre gonna need professional help dealing with this. JUSTIN: Mom, no! DIANE: And, there are consequences for what happened at school. Youíre grounded for the rest of the semester. JUSTIN: [Arms crossed, nods] I understand. [Tries to say something else, hesitates, walks away] [The parents look at each other, not knowing what will happen next.] [Fade to Justinís room. He lies in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. Thereís a short, dramatic montage of thisÖ] [As he tries desperately to sleep one last time, he visualizes another fantasy where hot women in lingerie are all over his bedroom. They laugh, moan, and say things like ďLetís partyĒ and ďweíve been waiting for youĒ in sexy voices. Unable to control himself any longer, his eyes open and he gets up.] [In the family room, he gets his momís purse and fishes out her credit card. ďYOU ARE NOW FREE TO USE THE INTERNETĒ pops up on the screen after some more typing. Justin types Dianeís credit card number into a porn site and is greeting with another montage of smiling women, cleavage, and moaning. He has another energy drink, and over the course of his porn surfing, takes his shirt off. He types another message to Monica. Fade to commercial break.] [Fade in from commercial break, back at school. Justin is walking through the schoolyard. Later, he walks down the street, holding something in his hand. He arrives at a huge house and pushes a speaker button.] JUSTIN: Hello? MONICAíS VOICE: Who is it? JUSTIN: Uh, i-itís Justin! ĎSwimmerí? [Monica opens the door] MONICA: Hi! JUSTIN: Ö Hi. [Laughs a little] MONICA: Come on in, I wonít bite. [Reluctantly, Justin steps into the house. Monica shuts the door.] MONICA: So do you want something to drink, orÖ JUSTIN: Oh no Iím finethanks. [They walk through the house, not saying anything to each other. Justin exhales in surprise when he sees how huge the living room is.] JUSTIN: Wow, this is nice. MONICA: [Hands on hips] Uh, donít sound so surprised, I might get the wrong impression. JUSTIN: What do you mean? MONICA: That you think Iím a cheap slut from a low-rent family. JUSTIN: [Nervous] Oh no no, I donít think that at allÖ MONICA: [Massaging his arm] Relax. Iím just teasing you. [Takes his hand] Letís go upstairs. [Monica leads Justin up the stairs, into a bedroom with pictures of elderly people on the walls. He notices a business suit and some nice shoes. Monica sits on a giant bed.] JUSTIN: Wouldnít you um, rather be in your room? [Sits down] MONICA: [Smiling] Ö No. This is exactly where I want to be. [Justin takes a deep breath. His nerves are completely shot to hell] MONICA: I could tell you wanted to be with me that first time we met. JUSTIN: Ö Really? MONICA: Yeah but then you left me so quickly the other nightÖ [Moves closer] JUSTIN: [Moves closer] Oh no, no, it wasnít you, it just, well, I had this paper due. MONICA: Well what about now? Do you have to be anywhere else? JUSTIN: [Shakes head, timidly] Ö No. [He leans in and kisses her. Things start getting hot and heavy. Justin gets on top of her.] MONICA: Show me how much you want me. [So he does. And it gets wilder. She jumps on top of him, cowgirl style.] MONICA: You know, Iím not like Little Sweet Whatís-Her-NameÖ JUSTIN: Ö Amy? MONICA: What? JUSTIN: Thatís her name. Amy. MONICA: Whatever. [Starts undoing his belt] JUSTIN: UmÖ look, c-can we go a bit slower? Heh. Please? MONICA: Ö Yeah. We can go as slow as you want [Starts taking her shirt off.] JUSTIN: [Puts a hand up to stop her] No stop. [She does] You know what? Hey, um, I, Iím sorry, this isnít how I pictured it would be. UmÖ you know what, I donít, I donít reallyÖ [Gets up, puts his belt back on.] [Monica looks disgusted] JUSTIN: You know what? I donít really feel like it anymore. MONICA: Are you kidding? Are you turning me down!? JUSTIN: No, [stands up, finishes doing his belt] Itís not that, i-itís just, MONICA: Youíre kidding me! [Ominous music starts] MONICA: [Stands up] Get out. [Justin is surprised at her reaction and doesnít know what to do. So she charges him. He runs.] MONICA: Get the hell out of here! [Chasing him down the stairs] GET OUT OF HERE! YOU CANNOT BLOW ME OFF LIKE THIS! GET OUT OF HERE! [Slapping him as he barrels out the door] GET OUT! [Justin runs down the street at incredible speed, terrified of the monster thatís no longer chasing him.] [Fade to Monica in the bathroom. She stares into the bathroom mirror, teeming with rage. Then for no reason at all, she slams her head against the counter and brings it back into frame with a nasty, dripping cut. She smiles smugly.] [Fade to the Peterson residence. Diane comes home and checks the answering machine.] WOMAN ON ANSWERING MACHINE: Hi, this is Sylvia calling from the First Monument Bank. Could you please call us right away regarding your credit card account? [Later on, Diane is on the phone and in front of the computer. The music kicks in again.] DIANE: Okay, Iím almost there. [Pulls up a window] [Steven rushes in] DIANE: Okay, and I, I see the folders. STEVEN: [Puts his hand on her shoulder] Honey, whatís the matter? DIANE: [To Steven] Youíre not gonna believe this. [Into phone] Okay. [She clicks a folder and porn pop-ups start invading the screen.] DIANE: [Throws hand up] Oh no. [Sadder] Oh no. Please. STEVEN: [Leaning in] Gotta click out of here. [The pop-ups continue] DIANE: Iím trying! E-E-Emma? T-they just keep coming, we canít, we canít get out. [More pop-ups. The parents push various buttons on the keyboard, to no avail.] DIANE: Uh, Iím trying, Emma Iím trying to get out, what do I- escape? [Justin walks in.] DIANE: More and more of this crap keeps coming up. STEVEN: What the Ö DIANE: I dunno, ehÖ [Justin runs over and unplugs the computer. The flooded screen goes black] DIANE: Emma, Iíll call you back. [Hangs up] [Diane and Steven close in on Justin. He sighs.] DIANE: We trusted you. And you lied, again. JUSTIN: Mom, I know. It was only a couple of times, I swear. DIANE: Itís been more than a couple of times I just, got a call from the credit card company because of some Ďunusual activityí on my account, youíve been, BUYING PORNOGRAPHY WITH MY CREDIT CARD! JUSTIN: Mom, Iím gonna pay you back every penny! DIANE: JUSTIN, YOUíRE ADDICTED, YOU CANíT STOP! JUSTIN: Iím not addicted! STEVEN: Stop lying! JUSTIN: I-Iím not! STEVEN: STOP IT! JUST STOP LYING! [Tries to grab him] JUSTIN: [Shoving him away] Get the HELL OUT OF MY FACE! [Steven rebounds and slams Justin against the wall. Diane starts panicking.] JUSTIN: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO DAD, HUH? DO YOU WANT TO HIT ME DAD? [Steven shoves him some more. Diane screams. Steven looks like heís ready to kill Justin.] DIANE: [Struggling to keep them apart] STOP IT! JUSTIN: HIT ME DAD! DIANE: DONíT! [The fighting halts] DIANE: Stop. My GOD! [Steven walks off, past Alex. Justin gets up and goes back to his bedroom. Diane bursts into tears. Fade to commercial break.] [Fade in from commercial. Everybodyís sitting at the dinner table, looking really sorry.] JUSTIN: Um, you finished dad? [Justin and Alex get up. Alex takes his momís plate. Justin takes his dad's plate] ALEX: Maíam. DIANE: Thank you, honey. JUSTIN: Um, mom? ALEX: Mom, um, since itís Friday night, could we all go out and see a movie together? DIANE: I donít think tonightís such a good idea. ALEX: K. [Leaves] JUSTIN: Um, is it okay if I can, go over to Amyís? STEVEN: Youíre groundedÖ remember? JUSTIN: I know, but I-I-I-I have to see her. STEVEN: Why? JUSTIN: I have to talk to her. I have to apologize. [The parents exchange glances with each other.] DIANE: OkayÖ but Iím driving you. JUSTIN: [Solemn] Thanks. [Walks away] [Thereís much sadness at the table. Diane looks at Steven and tears begin welling up] [Cut to the front of Amyís house, at night. The mini-van comes to a stop. Justin sighs, and thereís a moment of silence.] JUSTIN: Mom? [More silence] I do have a problem. [Diane turns to him] And youíre right. I canít handle it alone. [More silence and crickets chirping] DIANE: You know what upsets me the most about all this? [Pause] That I was always able to trust you. I felt so fortunate as a mom that I could trust my sonÖ I wanna get that feeling back, Justin. How do I get that back? JUSTIN: [Shrugs a little] I dunno. Iím gonna work towards that. I-I really am. [Thereís another beat, then they hug.] DIANE: [Weepy] I love you. OK? I love you so much. JUSTIN: [Weepy] Me too, mom. [They break their embrace. More silence. Diane clears her throat.] DIANE: OK, so, give me a call when, when you want me to pick you up, okay? JUSTIN: OK. [Gets out of the car] [The car pulls away. Justin walks toward the house. Before he gets there, the door opens, and Amy walks out.] JUSTIN: Thanks for seeing me. Um, you wanna go for a walk or something? AMY: Uh, thatís okay. Thanks anyway. JUSTIN: [Nods, sighs] I have a problem. I do and, I am gonna get help. AMY: Thatís a start. [Silence. Tension.] JUSTIN: Yeah. Well. I-is there any, way, well, I mean, do you think we can see each other sometime, I mean not like a date or anything but, you know just talk? AMY: I donít think so. Iím sorry. Not yet, anyway. JUSTIN: I was, actually thinking about going to church with you. AMY: [Smiles] Wow, thatís pretty radical. JUSTIN: Yeah. I need to get radical. [More silence, and thenÖ] AMY: You get that help, Justin. And Iíll be here for you if you need to talk. Iíll always be there for you. JUSTIN: Ö Thanks. [Amy kisses him on the cheek, then leaves him outside. Solemnly and reluctantly, he walks away from her house.] [Fade to the street later onÖ Justin walks with his hands in his pockets. At a gas station, heís spotted by a guy who quickly jumps in his car and skids off.] [Dooley, Timmy and Monica (with her head injury), are sitting in the diner from earlier. The guy runs in.] GUY: Guess whoís come up the street? [Dooley jumps up] MONICA: [Clutching his arm] Baby donít, baby. DOOLEY: Let go. [Trailing off] Itís game time, boys. [Everybody except Monica runs out of the diner. The camera zooms in on her face as she reflects on her upcoming revenge.] [Justin continues walking down the street. The car pulls up beside him. Timmy gets out.] TIMMY: Whatís up, Justin? [He tries to run, but collides with Dooley.] TIMMY: Easy. [Dooley punches him the stomach. They stuff him in the backseat of the car and drive off quickly.] [Dooley grabs Justin by the collar.] DOOLEY: Itís not like beating up a girl, is it Swim Queen? [Punches him a couple of times, the color disappears for a minute.] JUSTIN: I didnít touch her, I swear. DOOLEY: Huh. Just like Iím not touching you. [Wails on him some more.] [The car stops in an alleyway. Dooley pulls Justin out and throws him in a pile of garbage. He kicks him again, and starts to rebound, but Timmy stops him.] TIMMY: [Holding him back] Yo man, yo, donít go psycho on him! [They drive away, leaving Justin bleeding and gasping in the trash pile. With a lot of work, he gets up again.] [Fade to the scene we saw at the beginning of the movie. Justin jumps in the pool and sinks to the bottom like before. He floats lifelesslyÖ] [But then thereís a montage, a positive one: the music picks up and we see people cheering: Amy, Diane, Alex, Steven, and the CoachÖ high-fiving dad in the car, making out with Amy. The last one is of his mom kissing him.] [Suddenly, Justin decides that he doesnít want to die. He jumps out of the water and the music reaches a really high point. Justin swims the surface of the water, fantasizing about his mom being beside him, and swimming in general. The camera freezes on his face.] [The EndÖ] [Or notÖ thereís a screen that reads ďOur Lifetime CommitmentĒ, and then:] KELLY LYNCH: Teens today have a lot of access to information and technology. And they have a lot of pressure to grow up quickly. That combination can lead to unhealthy perspectives on relationships, and behavior that can endanger them in many ways. So talk to your kids. Know how theyíre spending time, on the Internet, and with their friends. For more information and many resources on addiction [A URL pops up:] visit life-time-tee-vee dot com. Itís our Lifetime commitment. [ďLifetime CommitmentĒ screen shown again]
RCT left these endnotes before we lost contact with him (which is what caused the delay in posting this). I've got a couple of shoutouts of my own, to all the nerds who watched this trash with me, and to the internet. -Fluffykitten Manlove END NOTES First, just to clarify, I had nothing to do with the creation of Cyber Seduction. That credit goes to, however sorry they may be now, the director, producers, teleplay writers, actors and actresses. If you made it all the way to the end of this, what you just read was a transcript typed by my own hands without permission of any important people involved in this project. Second, I don't take transcript requests. Ever since this document was first posted, I've been e-mailed several times by people asking me to type up scripts for them While I'm aware that my name is "The Royal Court Transcriber", transcripts are something I only do every now and then. And Cyber Seduction was a special case because it really needed one. SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO: Drew at Drew's Script's O-Rama for hosting the original version of this file. Fluffykitten Manlove for compiling a massive list of corrections, transcribing the internet chat logs and on screen dialog, and hosting the new version of this file. Bort from Portal of Evil News for uploading the Cyberseduction .avi file to his server and letting me leech it from him.