Marvel Comics hates Asians. This website is devoted to spreading the word that has not oft been spoken.
Entry for December 5, 2006

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I now have a new blog on AsianWeek. You can look it up by typing Kenneth Eng and Asianweek in google, but for those of who who do not want to work off those finger calories, here is the link:

This blog is now devoted to hatred against Asians in comics in general. Let's start today by exposing more secrets of Marvel:

1. They mostly hire hot italian girls -- I noticed this when Teresa Focarile, who used to work as the associate editor, got her job. She wasn't particularly qualified. She got educated at CUNY and some minor college I have never heard of. Yet somehow she managed to get a top-ranking do-nothing job that pays handsomely. And it's not a coincidence that she was SUPER HOT. I mean this guinea girl had an ass that was shapely and always encased in boots and tights. I actually had to masturbate in the bathroom a couple of times in Marvel after seeing her. Giggity!

2. All of the whites in Marvel are suckups -- They always have these frozen smiles on their faces and they're constantly giggling at each other's dumbass jokes. When I compliment someone I genuinely mean it. But these whities were just doing it so they could get a promotion. Disgusting. But also somewhat entertaining. 

3. The white employees are easily abused. I remember once I was in the special projects division and Jeff Youngquist was arguing with his assistant Jennifer grunwald. Finally, Jeff just flipped out for no reason and shouted in a whiny voice, "DAMMIT JEN, I HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS WITHOUT YOU MAKING A FUSS ABOUT THIS!!!" If an employer ever raises his voice at me, I give him a one-finger salute and walk out with my paycheck. But Jennifer just sat there dumbstruck and quietly said, "Okay, listen to me Jeff... I'm not yelling... I don't know why you're freaking out..." What a pussy. I was just sitting there chuckling. 

4. The blacks are gay -- They're always in the production area play-fighting like they're in high school and joking with each other. I swear, these niggers touch each other WAY too much. And they do the slave labor like they were meant to. 

Once again, check out my blog on Asianweek. 
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Being that I used to be a Marvel intern, I have some secrets to share about the Marvel fascist organization.

1. They have a list of the addresses of all of their staff -- WRITERS, ARTISTS, EDITORS -- on one sheet. They use this list to send out "comps", which are free copies for creators of comic books. Last I remembered, JENNIFER GRUNWALD, Collections editor, has this list on her computer. If any of my Asian brothers wishes to get this list of addresses, they might try to become an intern and print it out. Anyone can easily do it. What you do with these addresses (nudge nudge wink wink) is your own business. 

2. BECOMING AN INTERN IS EASY!!! All I did was send my resume and this poindexterish guy named Jeff Youngquist asked me, "When can I start?" He didn't even ask for credentials, all he needed to know was that I was a student. And then most interns become editors just because the boss likes their personality. Gives you a sense of how much skill it takes to be a MArvel editor. 

3. THE EDITORS AND WRITERS HAVE NO PASSION FOR THEIR WORK. When I was in the office, all the whites and blacks were just like, "Oh, I want to go home, when is this day going to end, I can't wait for the weekend." TOM MARVELLI, the creative director, even told me in 2004 that he couldn't stand MArvel comics. He just needed to pay the bills. 

4. THEY FIRE PEOPLE FOR NOT SUCKING UP. This one guy who used to work in the manufacturing dept got fired because everyone hated him. I hated him too, but that's no reason to fire him. 

5. RALPH MACCHIO DOES NO WORK. He just sits back and has his white slaves do everything for him. Shows you the "work ethic" of the italian race. 

For Marvel -- if you're reading this, I should tell you that it was me who used to put toilet paper in the urinal back in spring of 2004. Yes, I like to wipe my dick clean instead of just shaking it off. Hope you enjoyed cleaning my mess. 
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More stuff
Now that I know this site is working, I'm going to post more stuff:

5. Molly Lazer harassed me at a booksigning a few weeks ago. I was doing a booksigning down in Yonkers and she came up to me and said something like "I HATE ALL ASIANS!" and "YOU'D BETTER STOP WRITING US LETTERS CHINAMAN BECAUSE WE HATE ALL OF YOU! CHINAMAN! CHINAMAN!" This is absolutely true. And she's the bitch that edits Spider-Girl the most anti-Asian comic book ever (yes, the same Spider-Girl that has Jimmy Yama). But fear not! Her home address is available on and Marvel Comics' address is 417 Fifth Ave., NY, NY 10016. Hint -- she lives in Yonkers, New York!

6. I tried to protest in front of the Marvel Bldg in NY on October 31, 2006, and (not surprisingly) was met with extreme hostility. White, black and hispanic shits told me "Marvel is very pro-Asian, they hire Asians, you're a fucknut" like they know what it's like to be Asian in this country. My brothers and sisters, do you see why we need to take more severe action?

7. Almost forgot to mention -- MARVEL SENT ME A DEATH THREAT ON OCTOBER 30, 2006.   Some guy (and I'm not going to mention any names, NICK LOWE) called me up and said, "Why don't you come back to MArvel?! I'm your worst nightmare! I hate Chinese people! Let's settle this!" Which is why I was there in front of the Marvel Building today on October 31, 2006. But what a surprise -- the guy who threatened me * cough, Nikc Lowe, cough* didn't show up! Wow, did he just suddenly get sick today? Or are white people too pussy to take me on?

BTW, Nick Lowe's info has been forwarded to the police. He should be in jail in about 48 hours. 

I'm feeling sleepy so I'll bitch some more tomorrow. 

Marvel Comics hates Asians. This website is devoted to spreading the word that has not oft been spoken.

Here are some quick pointers:

1. The Mandarin - A Fu Manchu type Asian supervillain with long whiskers, magical powers and sinister demeanor. Plus, calling him the Mandarin is like calling an italian a Guinea (not that I care about italian people). 

2. Jimmy Yama - An Asian kid who gets bullied by white students and is treated by the writer as a joke. Blame MOLLY LAZAR at Marvel Comics 417 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10016 for this character. 

3. The only Asian superheroes are either female fetish figures or male kung fu warriors. If blacks were being stereotyped, everyone would shower them with sympathy. Us Asians receive nothing but a laugh when we try to civilly ask for respect. 

4. Brian Gay Vaughn -- A writer for Marvel whose sole profession seems to be coming up with jokes about Asians. Although we should pity his obvious hatred for our race (no doubt incited by the fact that Brian got his ass kicked by Asians when he was a kid) we still need to take action against him and everyone like him. 

That's just for starters. I will continue updating this page in the next few days. 

Pardon the shoddy appearance, as I cannot seem to get a more sophisticated website up and running at the moment. 

Also, while this page does not *explicitly* encourage violence against whities and darkies, it certainly does not discourage it.
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