Most people first heard about Kenneth Eng when he was fired from his post at Asian Week after writing a column entitled "Why I Hate Blacks". He's since become an INTERNET SUPERSTAR as people started to find out just what he was up to before going off on his ASIAN SUPREMACY WORD RAMPAGE(!). We here at THE GOOGLE BORDELLO love Kenneth Eng more than most, and so we're making it a point to document his life's work like we're real journalists or some shit. Of course, if any of these articles happens to go down, you can bet that THE GOOGLE BORDELLO will be on the case to mirror whatever's lost as sources get rid of it to avoid the stigma of a Kenneth Eng article or Eng takes it down because people are laughing at him. First, you should check out his TOTALLY AWESOME series of word tumors blog posts on why he's an asian supremacist, why comics are better than books, why solipsism is the philosophy of choice for people with Moxie, and why black people are awful. Why Asian Week mistook these as actual articles is still confusing. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 He's also written an imaginitive series of novels about dragons with uzis in the 0th dimension. They prove that Worldcon is racist against asians because they didn't give Eng even one Hugo award. 1 2 If you didn't understand that shit, you can also check out an interview he did about his Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate series. 1 This interview on Fox News was supposed to be about his racist column but ended up being about why dragons are awesome. 1 He's even written some short stories! 1