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Wag The Dog ! Wag the Dog! We are bombing Afganhistan


Last time it was Iraq, Now we are bombing Afghanistan and Sudan to deflect attention from Clinton's troubles

Posted by: Wil H () * 08/20/98 13:58:32 EDT
To: Wil H Remember, in the movie, it never actually happened. From: Sandy ( * 08/20/98 14:00:53 EDT
To: Wil H Not that I'm opposed to bombing terrorists--any terrorists, any time, no matter whether they are conncted to a specific event or not--but what a coincidence that he would do this on the day of Monica's testimony. I wonder if the WH got word that she was going to make a public statement. From: Scott Munro ( * 08/20/98 14:01:08 EDT
To: Wil H He set the whole damn thing up when he went to Africa. They blow up our embassies on command and Clinton gets to divert our attention away from his perverted crap. We need an investigation! From: go star go (emailname) * 08/20/98 14:01:27 EDT
To: All Please pray for our pilots and sailors and that this does not escacalate. This is so sad. Afgahnistan ought to be our ally. From: Arthur Wildfire! March ( * 08/20/98 14:01:42 EDT
To: Arthur Wildfire! March Two points. One, was that the "Monica" tie he was wearing? Second, we're not bombing Afganistan per se, but rather the headquarters of a Saudi millionaire they refuse to turn over to us. From: R of Belesme () * 08/20/98 14:06:14 EDT
To: Wil H No, Bill, it was supposed to be ALBANIA, not AFGHANISTAN you were supposed to bomb, don't you remember? You didn't read the script very well! From: ziva ( * 08/20/98 14:06:52 EDT
To: Wil H Low-risk targets with very little chance of retaliation or casualties for US personnel-how coincidental!! He's banking on a "rally-around-the-flag" (and the president) response from the sheeple. Will it work?? Maybe for a short time! Sooner or later, they'll run out of low-risk targets. From: seeker (emailname) * 08/20/98 14:07:15 EDT
To: Wil H It's a sad day for America. THE POTUS IS A SOCIOPATHIC SCUMBAG. From: Clinton's a liar (treason@thewhitehouseis.sop) * 08/20/98 14:08:16 EDT
To: R of Belesme I think I heard Sudan is another target (CBS)-- did I hear correctly? Important point: Islamic extremists are Islamic first, very tight knit. I grudgingly respect their unity. This could spill over to many other countries. Our only hope is that the Islamics believe our administration was righteous in what it did. This is a litmus test of Clinton's ability ot handle a diplomatic mess. PLEASE PRAY. From: Arthur Wildfire! March ( * 08/20/98 14:11:15 EDT
To: Arthur Wildfire! March Clinton Orders Military Strikes EDGARTOWN, Mass. (AP) -- President Clinton said today he had ordered U.S. armed forces to strike at ``terrorist facilities'' in Afghanistan and Sudan in retaliation for the embassy bombings in Africa. Clinton said he ordered the attacks because ``we have compelling information they were planning additional terrorist acts.'' ``Today we have struck back,'' the president declared. The president said the U.S. struck a terrorist base in Afghanistan and a chemical weapons facility in Sudan. ``We have convincing evidence these groups played the key role in the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania,'' Clinton said. ``Terrorists must have no doubt that in the face of their threat, America will protect its citizens.'' Clinton made his remarks before cutting short a family vacation on Martha's Vineyard to return to Washington. From: donna () * 08/20/98 14:12:16 EDT
To: Scott Munro I'm with you. I think it's the right move, but it's a pretty drastic switch from Clinton's established foreign policy on dealing with terrorists and terrorist nations: "You'd better behave yourselves, or by golly, I'll warn you again!" From: william clark () * 08/20/98 14:13:51 EDT
To: donna This brash act by a brash child-man is a direct threat to the security of every citizen inside our own borders for the people against whom he acted are non-forgiving and have no fear of death. And, make no mistake, they are here!!!!!! By the time the helicopter gets back to D.C. we may well be witness to a reprise of 1814. From: Old Professer (emailname) * 08/20/98 14:17:50 EDT
To: william clark I'm all for killing terrorists, but when they first made the "National Security announcement" announcement, the first thing I thought was, "Monica's testifying today. I wonder who he's going to kill to distract us from that?" That's pretty sad. From: Scott Munro ( * 08/20/98 14:18:40 EDT
To: seeker FOX News has already joined in the obvious spin. They questioned whether the President should be bothered with such things as the current scandal during a "national emergency." They even cited the "Founding Fathers" of all things! We've been saying he's going to Wag the Dog, and that's what he's doing. The General on right now said that these attacks are not a reaction to any specific events (like the African Embassy bombings) but an effort to protect the world and U.S. interests from this terrorist network. He said that this terrorist network as attempted to assassinate the president of Egypt and even the Pope. And recently, 3 months ago, he reiterated his "Fatwah" against the U.S. The General just said that it should NOT be viewed simply as retaliation for recent events. It is an act of self defense. Yeah, the Clinton self defense.... From: Spiff ( * 08/20/98 14:19:04 EDT
To: donna "Clinton made his remarks before cutting short a family vacation on Martha's Vineyard to return to Washington." Hillary probably kicked him out. Afganistan said this morning they would extradite the guy they wanted if the U.S. had any proof. Instead kliton put Americans lives at stake to show force and pretend he has leadership capabilities. He's certified nuts. From: 1Old Pro (( * 08/20/98 14:20:36 EDT
To: Arthur Wildfire! March You heard it right - Sudan as well. We may have the entire Muslim/Arab world after us, but at least we can rest assured that "he did it for the children." I guarantee we'll hear that soon. From: watchin ( * 08/20/98 14:21:47 EDT
To: Wil H Stop being so cynical. This operation was planned long ago, like Monday night right after the first polls came back! From: Henchster ( * 08/20/98 14:22:19 EDT
To: disgusted inFl My take on the bombing has little to do with distracting the national attention away from his crisis but to allow him to get back to Washington for damage control. Note he is ending his vacation. It's just one bomb strike. From: mikeyd () * 08/20/98 14:23:30 EDT
To: Wil H SEE!!!! YOU DUMB A** LIBERALS. NOW HE IS PLACING YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN IN HARMS WAY TO SAVE HIS OWN BUTT. HIS GOING TO KILL YOUR CHILDREN. PLEASE GOD HELP US!!!! I AM THE STUPID1 ----- please excuse me for yelling, but now I'm really scared of the lenghts this man is willing to go. I'm a 28 year old man with a beautiful family, may hands are shaking. nothing follows From: stupid1 () * 08/20/98 14:24:40 EDT
To: disgusted inFl Get this SOB out of there!!!! What do we have to do???? The demoncrats have to do something NOW!!!!! From: smiley ( * 08/20/98 14:24:43 EDT
To: Henchster Cohen was asked about "Wag the Dog". He says yada yada yada. But then again wasn't he the one that lied about knowing about Linda Tripp's privacy violations over at the Pentagon? This is getting really scary. We now have the U.S. military being used for political purposes in much the same way that Clinton wanted the Secret Service to be his private guard. From: go star go (emailname) * 08/20/98 14:26:45 EDT
To: Spiff Chm.JCS Shelton also said even though it was bomber 7:30pm and 10pm to limit "collateral damage" READ: CIVILIAN CASUALITIES! there would be a "number" of them! These are innocents for Clinton's reign of terror! CLinton is a terrorist!!! From: DigR () * 08/20/98 14:28:47 EDT
To: DigR THE man is a crazy lunatic...get him out of office..even if it's in a straight jacket...!!!!!! From: spectre () * 08/20/98 14:36:54 EDT
To: All I think there is a very good chance that this was a rigtheous act. However, how can we be sure? HOW can WE TRUST our President? I assume a car dealer is trying to fleece me. That's why car dealers aren't normally good candidates. If the Islamics are too outraged, we need to get the bum out. If he doesn't resign, he needs to be impeached. This is absurd. We have NEVER had a military leader asked if "this was wag-the-dog". This can't be good for foreign affairs or for our troops. From: Arthur Wildfire! March ( * 08/20/98 14:37:44 EDT
To: go star go Of course they didn't get Ben Laden but they did get a couple of training sites(sand with tents)and a oil refinery in another country.Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC had the spin down before the WH put it out.She said of course they have been planning this for weeks but we couldn't report it(BS).The Pentagon said they had been planning it for a FEW days,get you stories right guys.This is going to stop nothing now we will have to worry about every terrorist in the world.He did what we thought he would do.BUT IT WILL BE A FLOP,WATCH. From: Big Ezy ( * 08/20/98 14:37:50 EDT
To: go star go, Sandy We now have the U.S. military being used for political purposes in much the same way that Clinton wanted the Secret Service to be his private guard. Precisely right. On ABC News, a reporter asked Secretary of Defense William Cohen who ordered the attack. Cohen said, "The president as Commander in Chief, ordered the attack..." The reporter asked when. Cohen said, "Within the past 24 hours." Enough said. Madman in the White House. Repeat. MADMAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! From: coyote () * 08/20/98 14:40:24 EDT
To: Clinton's a liar I thought Cohen looked very, very sheepish in that interview. I don't like this at all!!! They just said Clinton was planning this the day after his speech which is why he was delayed in going on vacation (had to time it just right). This makes me sick. It's a horrible thing when you CAN'T TRUST YOUR OWN #&@#o PRESIDENT! From: haphswf (emailname) * 08/20/98 14:46:09 EDT
To: Arthur Wildfire! March I think there is a very good chance that this was a rigtheous act. However, how can we be sure? HOW can WE TRUST our President? I assume a car dealer is trying to fleece me. That's why car dealers aren't normally good candidates. And that's the point. Killing terrorists is a Good Thing, and we can confidently expect the spin to begin: We need to get behind the Prez, he can't be bothered by this scandal, yadda, yadda, yadda. No, we need to think about what it means to have our bombers at the command of a man who is a pathological liar. From: Scott Munro ( * 08/20/98 14:47:31 EDT
To: Wil H THIS IS REALLY REALLY SCARY!!! What if Islamic terrorist already pre-positioned in the U.S. start a terror campain? That could be the excuse for the FEMA scenario and he "Clinton, king for life" scenario. From: A. Patriot (|| |||| | |||||||| ||| ||||||||| * 08/20/98 14:48:38 EDT
To: go star go Fox news has Sen John McCain on now pledging his support for the president, not on MonicaGate, but on wagging the dog! This is just what Bill wanted, an excuse to end his politically and maritally disasterous vacation, get congress supporting him on something, and changing the subject. Never underestimate the "Comeback Kid" when it comes to stooping to new lows to save his hide. From: Henchster ( * 08/20/98 14:50:54 EDT
To: stupid1 I can't stop shaking either-this just came out of the blue-McCain just said that he hoped this wasn't wag the dog (on Fox)and the president ddoesn't have much credibility with Albright asking inspectors not to inspect in Iraq and that his reaction to Saddam was not strong enough before-my biggest fear is that the COWARD CAN MAKE THIS A NATIONAL SECURITY CRIS AND TAKE OVER!!! Do you think that this will be done!!!God help our country -I am also praying that God is not teaching the people to be careful who they put the nations secuirty in-McCain said six weeks ago Albright threatened with US force in Iraq and nobody carried through the threat out and Iraq has been in violation of the pact they signed-Fox has got great coverage they are talking to a Sheik in Afganistan-they are talking about this has noth- ing to do with Ben Laudin(SP)We missed the 'Big Guy'he is in Pakistan and we MISSED HIM-FAKE SHOW OF FORCE-GOD HELP WAS GET THIS DEVIL OUT!!!truly scared and 'disgusted they want us out of Iraq and Saudi Arabia-that what the Sheik said-I can hardly type..... From: disgusted inFl ( * 08/20/98 14:55:11 EDT
To: Wil H The real question is what we're NOT hearing is if the strikes were conducted with the approval of Afghanistan & Sudan; and IF those other soverign states KNEW of our intention to launch attacks inside their territory. If not, slick has now marked America as a terrorist nation and committed an international act of war. This absolutely AIN'T no coincidence, folks. BC is dangerous and must go NOW! From: weasel ( * 08/20/98 14:56:45 EDT
To: Wil H Do the words "Act of war" mean anything to anybody? Neither of these are my favorite countries, and Sudan is just about at the bottom of my list for its slavery persecution of Christians. Nevertheless, we have undertaken a unilateral act of war -- without a declaration of war, without even any congressional oversight or approval. This is yet one more in a long line of Clinton's abuses of power. "Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool" Send out the planes, world up in flames. Kinda scary From: luther kirk () * 08/20/98 15:02:57 EDT
To: Wil H The following message has already been sent to my reps. I am tired of being nice to these dopes, it's time they show some backbone. Get with it freepers, let them know. The news of the attacks today in my opinion are nothing more than an attempt by our Coward and Thief to save his sorry butt. How many american lives will he sacrifice to save himself? How big a war will he start to save himself? The biggest question of all is what is the congress going to do about this? Stop this madness now!!! Impeach, indict, imprison. WarHawk42 From: WH42 () * 08/20/98 15:08:34 EDT
To: luther kirk, all, freepers Remember this guys speech on Monday night? "I'll do whatever it takes." And in fact he has. From: coyote () * 08/20/98 15:09:14 EDT
To: stupid1 settle down this won't work for willie the weasel. liberals don't have children in the armed forces they are too busy making the world safe for the depraved. never fear god is answering our prayers. From: aka ( * 08/20/98 15:13:20 EDT
To: ALL Expert psychologists said his behavior would increasingly become more bizarre and grander as his condition worsens. The Congress had better visit him tonight with the ultimatum. Is algor still on vacation?? From: 1Old Pro (( * 08/20/98 15:18:47 EDT
To: Wil H Well, Clinton got bombed on Monday (by Starr) and goddamit, he's going to bomb somebody else. How convenient that "Wag The Dog" just came out on video! Thanks Hollywood. From: SamAdams76 ( * 08/20/98 15:22:16 EDT
To: Wil H One of the points he made was that there was evidence of attacks previous to the ones in Africa (and of course, takes no action then). Plus there have been articles that the government ignored requests that embassies be upgraded for protection from attack. So comrade has a special elixir for disater in his back pocket to bring out when politically handy. It reminds of a story that has circulated since the clintonium's first inauguration and last heard on Rush. Actor Ron Silver was in DC for the festivities when he saw jets fly overhead practicing for the show. Ron was angered that there would be a military presence, until whomever he was walking with explained to him "These are our jets now". James 4:1-3 Peace, Janis From: vitolins ( * 08/20/98 15:33:52 EDT
To: coyote An American president would not fabricate a plan of military action to keep the heat away from himself or improve his chances of being reelected.(Or would he?) From: JayTee ( * 08/20/98 16:03:57 EDT