It's always sad when files are allowed to vanish or are disposed of for whatever reason. Your friends here at The Google Bordello are dogged and relentless when it comes to digging up old files.

Hit 'Em Where It Hurts - Some horrible creepy article by an abusive GMPC-fan gamemaster.

"Forget Baudrillard" The horrors of pleasure and the pleasures of horror in David Cronenberg's Videodrome - A critical analysis of Videodrome that we particularly liked.

The Tourist - A script for a never-produced film from the 80's that H.R. Giger was hired to produce the creature designs for.

Psychological Characteristics of BDSM Practitioners - This paper came out and made a lot of really freaky news. Despite being methodologically flawed, it's the sexiest academic paper to fall across our server this year. Well, second sexiest behind Jearl D. Walker's Guide To Hitting Folks, listed below.

Karate Strikes - Jearl D. Walker writes the definitive paper on the topic of breaking someone's face with your fists. Thanks to a certain unnamed element for recovering this for us.

ECDP 1058 - GUIDELINES TO EUTHANASIA OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS BY THE USE OF FIREARMS - This is an unfortunate guide that teaches RCMP Mounties the best way to shoot kitties and doggies. Thanks to Syd Midnight for digging up this decade-old file, written in 1991, no less. Did computers even exist back then? I can't imagine.

The Ocean Game (LJ) - This is the livejournal horror series involving the Mystery Man in Pelgrane Press's Book of Unremitting Horror, possibly to be made into a sourcebook of its own later by Dave Allsop.

The "Sex-Box" Race for President - Kevin McCullough, some asshole who thinks he's a writer, wrote this terrible article about how Mass Effect (The game) is a rape simulator for pedophiles. Some people didn't like that, so he took the article down so he and everyone on Townhall can pretend it never happened.

Container Underground - Container Underground was a website that was only up kind of briefly, and it described methods for burying shipping containers to make bomb (or other) shelters. It had a kind of weird conspiracy vibe to it, but had at least some good data. A number of the pictures (important ones even) are lost forever. They're replaced here by the Red Ring of Death logo. We're very happy to have the PDF plan from the site (quick link here). 

Scott's Pepsi-G Stove - Scott ran a camping website which is now being squatted by some internet advertisers, who have the robots.txt file set to block and Google Cache SO NOBODY RECORDS THEIR IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT-PROTECTED ADVERTISEMENTS. These people will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.
Here's his pepsican stove that I liked so much. Some good people made it a pdf. It will be a text sometime in the future.

Jack Chick - Jack Chick is hard to capture on film, and this is him.

Mark Foley at Clearwater - Most of you remember the hilarious Mark Foley scandal, but what you may not have heard is that Mark Foley went to Clearwater, Florida, a town essentially run by Scientology, for "rehabilitation". These are some images of a brunch in Florida that were yanked from Scientology's website for whatever reason when people found out that Mark Foley is a creepy pedophile. Nothing is hidden from Google. Nothing.

"Wag The Dog! Wag the Dog! We are bombing Afganhistan" - This is a brilliant thread from everybody's favourite right wing echo chamber, Freep, as they express their disgust that Clinton would bomb Afghanistan. It somehow went missing from Freep's memory, but not everyone has forgotten about it.
This version has been Googlebordelloized for your convenience. For the original, as reports it, click here.

~aD - Pharis Wheel (Pharris Wheel) - These are the release notes for a rather unique DJ mix that got released on the internet. It was taken down from its original site because of copyright issues, and the information was taken down for some unknown reason. The album is too big to host right now, but I can certainly encourage you to go out and find it.