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Blackjack's Corner was an awesome series of articles at the Shadowrun Archive
The Dionaea House is an online e-internet new media web 2.0 experience, or an online horror novel to the rest of you. They're making a movie of it. The websites are still up, but this is all on one page for those of you who need an offline archive or want it presented more linear or who are trying to make .lit files or I don't know read it if you want. Blackjack's Corner was a series of really good articles on gamemastering for Shadowrun. They've been around forever, but they got taken down recently along with the mirror of Blackjack's site. We didn't want them to go away. Coming soon: The archive of Blackjack's Guide to Bitter Gamemastering. The King in Yellow was the inspiration for a number of elements in Lovecraft's works, most notably the book that makes readers insane. Included also are an article about the fictional play itself, "The Yellow Wallpaper", a story that may have inspired this one, and Edgar Allen Poe's "Masque of the Red Death", which seems similar to a passage in the fictional play.