the xyzzy awards
the galbadia hotel's mirror of the hornet archive - includes the music contests
huge japanese tracker scene database
an excellent site on the welrod pistol
bel powerslave's games site
home of the underdogs (current home)
megagames - i don't know how they get away with it
evilmofo is the good guy who runs ttybar
neal stephenson used to understand austere page design
the best torrent site on the interweb
scifilover has all the audiobooks
we loved moon karma zero
the AOL searchlog search tool (down after 2006)
mirrors are more fun than television
that guy who ran the billerica beating underground newspaper
recordings- H2K2
recordings- The Fifth Hope
recordings- Hope Number Six
recordings - The Last Hope (Hope 7)
SSH - Saitama Saisyu Heiki used to be cool
The Hype Machine is cool like CoryJ isn't
The Only -Chan We Don't Hate
the anti-porn guy, as seen in transmetropolitan
the people who translated policenauts are real american heroes
the ps2 hdloader list (working again!)
absolute anime's ps2 hdloader list
the grey lodge
nfohump is the new nforce, the anonymous voice on the radio station that runs the scene
keep this FM library quiet, please
yahtzee is a british fellow who should review metal wolf chaos
afroman invented the penny ramsink because he is hardcore
all the Stoker awards in order for easy browsing
rallysluts has neither rallies nor sluts
the GOOGLE HARDCORE PIRACY FINDER, currently set to Bubblegum Crisis