For the faithful out there who were waiting for xxxxxx to release his hack
Everyone who needed an upgrade for the PS3, got one. has realistic bomb-disarming simulators. We are not sure of their quality, but are quite sure that disarming a bomb would be the greatest ever end to a four-man tactical three-gun course.
There never was an actual person-read audiobook for The Black Company series, but the ones that were made sound like they were read by a gay butler robot. Their NFO says that they were made with these tools: Text aloud v2.6, Daniel Voice(UK), AudioBook Cutter (split into 10 Minute Segments)
Nasubi was a fantastic segment of Denpa Shonen, a Japanese Variety show. The plot was pretty simple: A man starts with nothing, and has to win a fortune (and survive) off only what he wins through sweepstakes. You can really get a better plot summary (spoilers included) here. Nasubi was never released on DVD, and never aired in the US. Recently, the Denpa Shonen owners had it subtitled and released for a limited time on Joost and some other video sites. That time has since expired, and there don't seem to be rips online. The video files may remain on the Joost servers; we can't tell. Our trained professionals get the vapors just trying to get the files out of Joost's hashing system. We have the first two episodes, and we can trade them (or anything else) for the rest of the series. If you have Nasubi, EMAIL US. Here are the thumbnails of the first couple episodes: Additionally, a user has contributed some kind of Nasubi compilation. It is, however, entirely in Japanese. As a result, we are searching for a fansubber who can help us with this:
In case there is a question about which xbox 360 firmware system update will forever blow e-fuses and ruin your xbox 360: The 8498 update is the one you do NOT want. For reference, that's the 2.0.8498.0 update, the Summer Update, or the 2009-08-11 update. You can also download the last 360 update that won't do this at this forum up over here: The Safe 360 NXE Update As of Feb 1, 2010, this update is safe. We've tested it. We measure this correct .rar's MD5 hash as: DD3482A846F4845419DA8C5D114AB831 Thanks to Domio from Digiex. Had he an .nfo we would post it here.
If you'd like to exercise your fair use rights to un-DRM some protected WMA content that you legally own, there's an excellent guide here on how to revert your Windows Media Player installation in XP to support "bad" DRM, and then use a custom build of FairUse4WM to decrypt it.
Is Android Sync Secure? We're confirming it here: Google Sync is mostly secure. We have that question up there because we've been googling that exact question, and apparently nobody has asked it. Yes, Google Sync is secure, however there are parts in HTTP that you'd rather not be there. Anyone who can packetsniff your connection will know: Your gmail address and That you're syncing an Android phone So that's not fantastic but not bad, because people WON'T be seeing: Your login and The content of your g-mail
EPSXE in windows can't save Policenauts savestates. Turning on logging reveals: LoadState Done! and SaveState Done! But the states never actually save or load. User )1wsrlF.3eeOJ~< over at ngemu says this:
It's from this line: "BOOT = cdrom:\NAUTS\SLPS_002.15;1" Creating a directory called "S" under the sstates directory can be used as a workaround.
This problem only happens with Policenauts, and making the S directory does fix everything.
Anyone who cares about this already knows it, but the number for the SoCal Bridge used to be 619 364 1118 (also 1119) back in the day.
This is the first IMDB review (back in '99) for In The Aftermath, which was Mamoru Oshii's movie Angel's Egg with live action footage and a horrible dubbed storyline added by its american licensees. It's still up at IMDB, but we're mirroring it here to make sure it never ever goes away. Pokemon Style Animation & live action - GREAT SOUND JOB!!!!, 25 July 1999 Author: ( from Pacific Palisades, California, USA From New World Pictures, this is a great fun, Sci-Fi, half Japanese animated (Pokeman' style) & half live action film... I was the Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor/Editor on this film and it SOUNDS GREAT (for a first timer)!!!! It was my first film and started my career. The sound was so good that Don Bassman, the lead mixer and Director of the Sound Department at Twentieth Century Fox, asked me to move my company onto the studio lot. I did, from 1988 to 1992,... he gave me the key to building 26!!!!
In 2019, the Mickey Mouse laws are finally up, and things will start falling into the public domain (in America). That is about a decade from the time of this writing, so you have about 10 years to wait to see if Disney will pass more Mickey Mouse laws.
Andy The Juggler invented this way to browse HTML on your Android googlephone: Bookmark this: content:// It has to be a regular bookmark, not a LiveBookmark! (TM) (Example and file.html) are a folder and file on the sdcard, respectively
Final Flesh Vernon Chatman and John Lee, the creators of Wondershowzen found an establishment online that would make any porn film so long as it was legal and the customer had a script and would pay up front. They submitted a script, and that script became Final Flesh. There was some information here, but apparently Final Flesh has been released on DVD, so you can go ahead and get it here:
This is Gerald's rape face, from episode 46 of AWO. It took some time, because we don't have itunes.
Someone made this tile of :awesome:, and so we had to see what it would look like bigger And not animated, in case someone could print up some :awesome: camo uniforms:
The audio commentary in the last season of Reno 911 says to Google Gene Lebell, for reasons they can't mention on the record. Basically, Gene Lebell choked out Stephen Seagal on the set of Out For Justice, and choked him so fast that he defecated in his pants.
Editor's Note: In one episode of Default Radio (probably the SoCal Bridge Spectacular), Decoder mentions Playstation the Phreak (who might be from the PLA), and the "Special Needs Department", but doesn't mention what the Special Needs Department actually is. He posts in the Binrev forums, and we suspect that this was what he meant: decoder Oct 29 2003, 09:46 AM On the topic of social engineering, there was a dude that I used to talk to on conf's. He had this social where he would get an op on his non-working cell phone, and use a stephen Hawking-like sound board voice. The voice would inform the op that he was blind, deaf, mute and severly disabled (like Mr. Hawking), and would ask the op to connect him with the "Verizon Special Needs Department." This isn't a real's just something he made up. He would continue to provide the op with the number of the "Special Needs Dept., SouthEast Division." The funny thing is, not only did he give them a number in Utah, which of course, ISNT in the SOUTHEAST, but the number was on a CLEC's switch, not Verizon! The number he provided was a voice bridge, and he would be waiting there on his land line. Sure enough, the op would call the Utah number, and this dude would say "Verizon Special Needs Department, Robert speaking, how can I help you?" The op would inform him that there was a disabled man needing the assistance of "his" department, and then she would put the call through! He would hang up his land line and keep only his non-working cell phone on the voice conf, courtesy of Verizon! Unfortunately, this method of making free calls from a non-working cell only lasted a week. When Verizon caught on to it, everytime he tried to get a Verizon op on his cell, he would instead be connected to the LA Police! Those telco people love to forward all of your outgoing calls to Security, or in this case,. the local Police Department, when they realize that you have elitely socialed them.