For some time now, bees have been disappearing from their hives in the US and parts of Europe, called Colony Collapse Disorder. If the rate of bee disappearances increases, it will cause massive famines because farmers are largely unprepared for spontaneous bee extinction (do you have a spontaneous bee extinction shelter set up in YOUR house?). The reasons for this disappearance were up for debate for some time, during which some hysterical Europeans TOTALLY FREAKED PEOPLE OUT for about two days with SCIENTIFIC NUMBERS STUDIES showing that cell phones were causing it all. It turned out that all they could prove was that bees wouldn't come back to a hive when a cell phone was present, and that cell phone saturation didn't correspond to bee disappearances at all. Less excited scientists now believe that the bees are actually experiencing a kind of immune system destroying virus, the Bee HIV (BIV), spread largely because of the increase in gay bathhouses in beehives.

Since this problem started, the esteemed researchers here at The Google Bordello have noted a marked increase in the number of massed bee attacks. Clearly, these attacks are the vanguard of a larger force of bee expatriates. We'll provide updates as more information comes in.

Attack on hospital emergency room in Arkansas
It should be noted that in this article, Dr. Delaney Kinchen claims to have been stung thousands of times in bee suicide attacks. Clearly, the bees regard him as a threat, and consequently he should be made a leader of the resistance as soon as an organized bee force presents itself.

Leaderless bees can reorganize
Dead Rising and Golgo 13 both suggested that attacking queen bees is the way to decapitate dangerous bee organizations. Clearly, this is untrue.

Swarm of bees grounds UK aircraft