About the show:

Welcome to Phreak Phactor! We are the phirst (and only) hacking/phreaking reality radio show. Phreak Phactor is brought to you by members of the DDP and Binary Revolution and was designed and written by NotTheory and StankDawg. The show, however, is an entity all to itself that is whatever you, the participant, makes it.

We have set up a system that allows multiple users to call in to the Bell's Mind PBX and participate in the show. The show itself is really not a formal show like many of the others that we have done in the past. This is a freestyle show that is really just a conference call that is streamed live over the internet. That is what makes it a "reality" show. It is completely unpredictable, since we have no idea who is going to be doing what.

Ideally, we would like to think that it will be a lot of phun phone calls and maybe some light-hearted jokes and phone system "exploration". We would also love to see people take it upon themselves to bring actual topics of discussion phor everyone, but that may be a little too organized phor this type of show. Pheel phree to rant, yell, scream, and argue your points or just sit back and have phun by making jokes or laughing at whatever strange topics may appear.

We are also in the process of implementing some other phun pheatures such as the ability to vote off other callers like the television reality shows (a la Survivor, the apprentice, etc...). These changes, when implemented, along with phull instructions (including the call-in number) will be posted in the instructions below.

NOTE: Phreak Phactor is solely the responsibility of NotTheory. Don't waste your time contacting anyone else about it!

"Despite what you might think, phreaking is not dead!"

How to register:

Call the Bell's Mind PBX at +1-712-432-9020 and listen to the intitial greeting. (You, as Phreak Phactor participants, *do* have permission to use this system.)

When the menu system comes on, press "*78".

You will be given a user number and a password. After you write those down you will need to record a message with your handle and the spelling of it.

If you do not spell out your handle your registration will be rejected.

If you lose this information you must re-register. It only takes a few seconds.

How to participate:

Call the Bell's Mind PBX on Saturday night at 11 PM EST. The show is netcast live on DDP HackRadio [stream].

Also, check out the live user page.

Where to call:

Call the Bell's Mind PBX at +1-810-223-0003 and listen to the intitial greeting. (You, as Phreak Phactor participants, *do* have permission to use this system.)

When the menu system comes on, press "*77".

Listen to the disclaimer and you will be instantly joined into the conference if you choose to participate.

NOTE: While there is no charge to participate in Phreak Phactor, THIS IS NOT A TOLL-FREE NUMBER! You are responsible for any local long-distance charges incurred.


This call is being streamed over the interweb! That means that anyone and everyone can listen to it even if they do not participate in the conference call itself! You are responsible for your own actions while on the conference line. We cannot accept any liability for the consequences resulting from the actions of the individuals on this show so don't do anything stupid.

By calling the number above and participating in Phreak Phactor you are acknowledging that you understand and accept the public nature of this show and have read the disclaimer above. Neither the owners of PhreakPhactor, Bell's Mind, BinRev, nor any members of the DDP will be held responsible for anything that participants do to each other while on the show.


1) No illegal activity is permitted on Phreak Phactor.

2) Do not threaten, harass, or otherwise intimidate other participants.

3) Do not "drop docs" on anyone unless you are prepared for the consequences and repurcussions that will be forthcoming.

Phinal Words:

We have the ability to kick and ban callers if any of the above rules are broken. We reserve the right to disconnect anyone, at anytime, for any reason.

Just have phun and enjoy the experience and everything will be phine.


"The Revolution Will Be Digitized!"