"Phreak Phactor is MENSA for retards." -StankDawg
So for four months back in 2005, Binrev and Bellsmind ran the FIRST ONLINE REALITY SHOW, which, though a great idea, was not as awesome as it sounds. Basically, StankDawg recorded everything that happened on the Bellsmind bridge for two hours or until someone showed up to shut it off. There was some discussion of having people voted off the show progressively until there was one "winner", but in practice the voting system basically happened if the group got annoyed with someone, or when people got bored. If you're sold already, here's our mirror of the Phreak Phactor website, which will explain everything. The Bellsmind PBX was not a toll-free number for this show, so a number of callers joined the show through a promotion by Folger's, where Folgers would give people free phonecards, which were theoretically limited to one per person. The Folgers system did not actually verify names or e-mail addresses, though, so Folgers coffee basically sponsored Phreak Phactor. The main problem was organization. The group would try to make a prank call or do some social engineering after Stankdawg signed off (to allow this little experiment to run correctly) and fail over and over because they had no idea what they were doing. A lot of the calls would go something like this Phreak Phactor: (three-ways in a potential victim) Victim: Hello? Phreak Phactor: (silence) Victim: Hello? Phreak Phactor: (silence, as they realize they haven't figured out who would talk, and can't tell each other without making noise) Victim:... Hello? PP: (realizing now that the social engineering is blown, and trying to salvage any prank value) Uh, dicks? Someone else on Phreak Phactor: Yeah, dicks! And catsex! Victim: (hangs up) People they tried to call with varying levels of success included: Australia Zoo A telephone in a men's room somewhere An elevator remote control system/intercom The wal-mart intercoms. If you like Default Radio, if you like conference bridges, if you liked the HOPE 7 Lecture, Phreaks, Confs, and Jail, if you like prank calls that are as much a prank on the callers themselves, or if you really enjoy nerds bullshitting over the phone, try this show. In fact, try this show anyway, because we told you to. Here's the episode list. Though the Full-Color edition of The Google Bordello includes all the episodes we have, we don't have the space (320mb) to host them here. Textfiles.com is hosting episodes 1-10 right now, get them here. UPDATE: Jason Scott appeared on one of the early episodes, and played a promo for ASCII Text. We like ascii text. Here is the promo. UPDATE: The Citywalk number that they call to talk to the elevator was 727-551-9889
Partial shownotes: Episode 8: livndead talks about cd keys from microsoft, spoof your cid from a friendly asterisk box at 407-235-3372, bridging in the bellsmind pbx, grand central station payphone 212-664-8610 (cocot lol?), more tries to get payphones, proctor test set, mann's chinese theater, japan direct, nintendo of japan is in kyoto (75)6629-600, country code 81 for japan, barney's beanery (LA) men's restroom payphone from strom carlson (number not given), drive-up payphone? runaway show! Hollywood video, beige boxing, roms, free cable, the crapper returns, orville redenbacher, the belagio, games and music, Lunar promises to BRING IT next week, GTFO Episode 9: Stank issues a challenge, MILF HUNT, getting the show started, elevator, the crapper, multicalling the belagio, art of hacking payphone list, math challenge, the belagio with a survey, trey parker, gateway, angels brothel, wamu, alternet fort meade sends you the rainbow series, sally at australia zoo, stank ends the show. Episode 10: dead air opening, housekeeping, cdma vs gsm, pictures of Sally, calling stank's voicemail (docs dropped), calling a juarez merchant, powned by parents, OMG A GIRL, douche, sally townsend was Sally from Australia Zoo, owned by geico, spam numbers, lottery scammer, pc home shopping network, aol techsupport, GTFO Episode 11: housekeeping - everybody's gone, Trey Parker - nobody talks, droppin' wifi access on the air, metrolink operations, home for mentally challenged, second mentally challenged line, da kine bail bonds, maui bail bonds - nobody talks, more dog the bounty hunter, west coast choppers is on the west coast, trey parker's boyfriend, walgreens drug discount card, 800-543-3704 fred meyers, fred meijer, 800-360-7561 - longhorn beta, livndead is bad on the zombie squad hotline, ufo hotline, the life and times of Brian Peppers, random sites, boobahs?, bawls and the thinkgeek catalog, the lunarsphere (sucks), lunar: ban me and i'll call the mpaa, cops, nukes r bad, lunar has a MIC FIGHT with someone on irc. Episode 14: special guest is coder not DEcoder, filling in for ntheory, computer shop story, oreox's hold music, ? little's voicemail, spotless carpet cleaners (tweak breaks up), number from embargo on irc (fails) ibm tech support, ms tech support, everyone drops, dead air, using an operator to test caller id spoofing, old lady jackson in compton, 2205 west 158 st. compton, ca 90220, this show will never air, johnny duvall/zanzibar, tony little, tractor day, coder or decoder's voicemail password is 1337, d317/oreox is oreox's photobucket, storytime: clothing stores and death threats on pregnant girls, doom on an ipod, orange box, some number that makes loud noises and does something with caller id Episode 15: someone forgot to bridge the confs, sweepstakes entry, ntheory's fate, quickenloans, oreox's roflhouse, 1-800-643-talk (the talkline), loan company 877-902-7267, shabazz is awesome, telcobob likes kenny g hold music, telco fraud line, 866-awrootbeer, shout-outs