So back in World War II, the Allied special forces set about making a silent crossbow. The reason for this is unclear. Crossbows are short-ranged, low in power, difficult to conceal, and probably not cost-efficient to mass produce, all of these especially when compared with a regular .45 pistol with a silencer attached. It was, of course, very quiet. Its other merit was that it was HARDCORE BADASS both in concept and design. Two were made, the "Little Joe" pistol crossbow, and the "William Tell" regular crossbow. Both used rubber strings to fire crossbow bolts. There was a book written about them, and rest assured, you'll know more as soon as The Google Bordello's GOON UNIT manages to get its hands on this book. These weapons are included in this section because we speculate that they might be easy to build, like with rubber bands or some shit.

This is the book we're looking for. You can see the Little Joe model on the cover, with some guy's fat dickbeaters around it.

Here it is, from a better angle.

And one of the few surviving bolts for the Little Joe.

This is the William Tell. Note the fancy sights and HIGH-TECH wire stock.