The other day a charity guy came to me and he said he should give me some money for all the sick people in the hospitals. And he said that at any given time there are something like three or four hundred thousand people in this country alone who are in comas and who can't take care of themselves. And I got to thinking: They can't... or they WON'T?

They don't work and they don't sweat
And they don't pay no taxes yet
And they won't lift a finger for themselves
Still they've got enough to eat
And life for them is such a treat
Hiding in their comas all day long

Coma bums, ain'tcha got no pride hey,
Coma bums don't get hurt inside
And don'tcha know that it's just not right
To be hiding in your coma like a parasite
Well I don't mind payin' my taxes but I don't wanna be supportin' a bunch of coma bums

Late at night, at the end of day
The coma bums all go out and play
They laugh and they smoke and they whoop it up and they
Charge it all to us
Very next morning they're in bed again 
And nobody knows just where they've been
Hiding in their comas with smiles on their faces
'Cause they think they're pulling a fast one on me


If all'a their nonsense makes you sick
We could put a stop to it quick
Pull 'em outta the hospitals, leave 'em out in the rain
Coma bums would find it strange if they had to pull their own weight for a change
Here in America nobody's entitled to any more than he earns