How To Make a Woman Out of Your Wife

I know your thoughtful husband
The types who never fail
But are your women, women?
By that I mean... female.

I have a little magic
To help transform your pal
It could make Sophia Lauren
Out of any normal gal

So if you'll watch me closely
-Oh, not that close
I'll tell you of wonders that will make each day

Light up the tree
Fill up the sleigh
Make christmas day
Be every day

Give yourself a christmas present mister
Get the greatest eyeful of your life
Let a thousand and one electric servants
Make a woman out of your wife

Though she may be longing to be tender
Mister she's the tender of your house
Start her feeling she's feminine all over
Make a sweetheart out of your spouse

She'll supply the glamour that if you supply the meat
Give her all the dreams she's only seen in magazines

Even though the honeymoon is over
Spend the newest new year of your life
Let a thousand and one electric comforts
Put the (??) back in your favorite gal
Make a woman out of your wife

Light up the lights
Those kitchen brights

Elegent, dramatic, and inviting
Makes her want to wear an evening gown
Dining right at home can be exciting
Like an evening out on the town

Something more than just a place to cook in
Something seems to give her more allure
When she's cookin' you can't resist to look in
On senora with much amour

This is la kitchen of manana as they say
All this is here and now, comprende
It's today!

Wave the wand beyond her fondest wishes
Gaze at her and feel a sense of pride
Watch you feeding her all electric magic...