Industrial musicals are musicals specifically written to be played at corporate conventions. I first heard about them when I was listening to Jello Biafra’s keynote speech at H2K2, though he just called them corporate convention music. Industrial musicals are musicals about the comany and its products, often arranged with a kind of narrative to tell that year’s story.

We’ve cut up the tracks from the H2K2 recording, and found the lyrics to each. Unfortunately, they are of poor quality and have Jello describing them to a screaming audience. If you have any more industrial musicals, or any information about what we have here, please contact The Google Bordello. We're particularly interested in the origin of “Coma Bums”.

We're pretty sure the Pepsi Album is from 1985 or 1986 because 1985 was the year New Coke was made, and one of the songs makes reference to it.

Some of the short films from the 50's that Mystery Science Theater 3000 made fun of have a similar concept, but are mostly not musicals.

Yo It's Me (Lyrics) (MP3)
Yo It's Me was a service that was mentioned in an episode of Default Radio. It's a prepaid phonecard service that happened to get a catchy 800 number that wasn't already taken.

Big Ship, More Fun (Lyrics) (MP3)
Coma Bums (Lyrics) (MP3)
Main Street Women (Lyrics) (MP3)

From the General Electric musical "Go Fly a Kite" (availiable in full here, a mirror of the 365 Days Project)
How To Make a Woman Out Of Your Wife (Lyrics) (MP3)

Coke Album (year unknown)
That Big Bottlin' Plant Up In the Sky (Lyrics) (MP3)
Coke Goes With America (overture) (MP3)

Put Yourself in Their Shoes - Exxon, 1979
An Exxon Dealer's Wife (Lyrics) (MP3)

The Glaucoma Hymn isn't exactly corporate, but it is a part of the hilarious whole package over at
Glaucoma Hymn (Lyrics) (MP3)

Pepsi Album - 1985
One Blink (Lyrics) (MP3)

Second Pepsi Album (year unknown)
Without actual information on these albums, it's difficult to figure out how many there are, but this one is thematically different from the 1985 album, so I'm listing it as separate until I can figure it out.
Pepsi Universe (Lyrics) (MP3)

Go Fly A Kite
General Electric commissioned this musical for the Fifth Electric Utility Executive Conference. A copy of this musical already exists online, and for space reasons we're only posting the lyrics here. A copy of this album is included with the Full-Color Google Bordello.

01. Be Direct With Me