Good evening, pepsi bottlers coast to coast
We're glad you're here to join us in our great symbolic toast
To a year that was absolutely unbelievable, positively incredible
In a word inconceivable
To put it very simply and succinct
It was a year the competition blinked

And in the blink of an eye, suddenly a new ballgame
So pepsi stepped up to bat and hit a home run
For eighty-seven long years the game has been eyeball to eyeball
And when they fumbled and flopped, Pepsi couldn't be stopped
And in the blink of an eye, suddenly a new horserace
And being thoroughbreds we won't quit 'till we've won.
And everyone on the team agrees that our future's just begun
Into the wink of
One little blink of an eye

First there was old coke, that seemed as good as gold coke
But no one said "leave well enough alone"
So some Atlanta smarty came up with New Coke, a hardly tried and true coke and made believe it was a Pepsi (?)
But no one else agreed so back now came old coke a welcome to the fold coke while new coke simply sat there on the shelf
And in the press they shouted, "Aren't we the bright ones, our two cokes are the right ones" while privately they tried to kick themself
But not quite hard enough so now they had new coke, a brand new much ado coke, with classic as a gimmick up their sleeve
But customers are wondering which coke is which coke I think I'd like to switch coke the whole thing's too confusing to believe
And then of course they brought us diet classic diet new coke begging us to try it new coke not to mention cherry new or old
I really can't recall is caffine free coke, B and C coke, or the cola of the week coke meanwhile new coke isn't taking hold
Which means the public's asking which coke old or new is real coke maybe they should just repeal coke think of the confusion it would end
Just when we figured out that old cokes make cokes new cokes fake cokes new cokes really are mistake cokes why not take them all and make a blend
But wait we can't forget that old coke now is new coke since it made a new debut coke while consumers everywhere are drawing blanks

And in the blink of an eye, it's the brand new beginning, with pepsi ready to show the other guys how
So hang a blank 'cause we're on the (lost?) and the future's ours right now
Back to the wink of, one little blink of an
One blink, one blink,
Blink, blink, blink...