Oh grand, is that the apocalypse I hear? Or is it just my motherís three ton Chevy Tahoe hitting the curb in front of my house? 
- ~sticK from Rugczar

K: I don't like that the villain was Ghengis Khan.
F. Manlove: He had an ancient Chinese cryogenic chamber.
K: Ancient Chinese Secret?
F. Manlove: Yeah.
K: More like Ghengis Calgon.

Drew: You took the "penis" right out of my mouth.

"Wikipedia is the Katamari Damacy of the Internet"

"From birth to death, it's going to be all Internets."
-Doc Dave

F. Manlove: Also, the artist on VOTOMS... has a problem with huge asses.
Doc Dave: (dialtone)

Pantsless Coolguy: I just got a colonoscopy XD

Even if your memory of the time you were a dog fills your heart with excitement, humans have to live only as humans.
-Mamoru Oshii

Well, I don't know what of our culture is going to survive, or if we survive. If you look at the Greek plays, they're really good. And there's just a handful of them. Well, how good would they be if there were 2,500 of them? But that's the future looking back at us. Anything you can think of, there's going to be millions of them. Just the sheer number of things will devalue them. I don't care whether it's art, literature, poetry or drama, whatever. The sheer volume of it will wash it out. I mean, if you had thousands of Greek plays to read, would they be that good? I don't think so.
-Cormack McCarthy in a fantastic interview for the Wall Street Journal