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Time To Get Schooled By Drop-outs Wednesday, June 1st, 2004 Author: ~sticK and Karinsky Think you’re smart? Think you’re hot shit? Think you know everything about the world because you’re such an avid reader of Spin? ~sticK and Karinsky think you don’t know shit, so we stayed up until 1:30 in the morning last night making a list of 50 things everyone needs to know. If you’re the type who only likes silly pictures, here’s a picture of a duck to make you happy. Fifty Things Everyone Needs To Know: 1. Jonestown 2. Ruby Ridge 3. Okalahoma City bombing 4. The Unabomber – And his real name 5. Lockerbie – And the 3 countries involved 6. Pol Pot – And what nation he was from 7. Iran Contra – And the 3 countries involved 8. Franz Ferdinand 9. The Falklands 10. Chernobyl 11. Waco – And its leader 12. 3 mile island 13. Who Roman Polanski is and why he can’t come to the US (bonus pts for knowing whose house the crime was committed in) 14. Sharon Tate and the Bianca killings 15. Watergate and Waterloo (not Iowa) 16. Zapruder 17. Hoffa 18. Fabio getting hit in the face with a goose 19. Gloria Estefan killing that jet skier 20. Ted Kennedy killing that girl in the car 21. Alcohol percent to proof conversion 22. 802.11b 23. The leaders of 5 foreign nations 24. Name the G8 nations 25. NATO Vs UN 26. Kent State 27. Countries with the Euro 28. Dollar exchange rate to the euro, and yen 29. Roughly the price of oil (bonus pts for naming both types of oil) 30. Saudi Arabia’s political system 31. Name at least 5 nations that are part of the Commonwealth 32. Apartheid 33. The Spruce Goose 34. The Zapatistas (bonus pts for naming the Mexican state involved) 35. Emperor Hirohito 36. Goering Goebbels Hess 37. Khrushchev 38. V2 39. Divx and xVid 40. Ser Han Ser Han 41. Who shot JFK and who shot his assassin 42. James Earl Ray 43. James Earl Jones 44. Fusion 45. 3 Ex-Soviet States not including Russia 46. Intifada 47. SCO 48. The 5 romance languages 49. Countries with nuclear weapons 50. Eva Brown