Now that every site on the internet is either a blog, twitter, FUCKING MYSPACE, 4chan or a 4chan clone, it's important to pay tribute to sites from back in the day that actually had something good, and are gone now, or sites that are here now and that nobody sees.

Ladyada posted a 3000 USD (UNITED STATES DOLLARS) bounty for a Kinect hack. The Kinect is a pretty bad product, as Giant Bomb have demonstrated thoroughly, but we applaud her for making 2010 just a bit more like Shadowrun. This kind of thing has been around for years, but traditionally these bounties are posted by the company that manufactures the product to test it for defects. Paying for people to hack someone else's product is probably illegal, but Ladyada totally got away with it, and a couple months later, Greg from PS3-Hacks put a $500 bounty on an open source PS3 Downgrade. We dare to hope that this is the start of a trend.

Update: Gallamine over at robotbox put up a bounty to hack the XV-11 roomba clone's integrated LIDAR unit. People chipped in, it got to $1000+, and was eventually claimed. Unlike the kinect, LIDAR is actually pretty badass, and we can't wait to see how people will use this.

The RECAP plugin is a firefox plugin that basically steps in whenever you want federal court records, and either gives you free records from The Internet Archive, so you don't have to pay, or uploads the record you got to The Internet Archive, so the next guy doesn't have to pay. In a perfect world, they'd have something like this for everything (and it would be called Google), but for now it just works for court records, which are legally not allowed to be copyrighted.

Thanks, RECAP, for giving us a model for an awesome concept, AND providing a money-saving service that also keeps America more free like Michael Wilson.

List of Ships Attacked by Somali Pirates is a fantastic article over at Wikipedia. It's great because it basically reads like an outline for The Annals of the Somali Pirates. Wikipedia has a lot of problems, and one generally doesn't expect quality articles from them, but right now they seem to be the most complete source for pirate information.

We love everyone involved in the release of COFEE, Microsoft's forensic toolkit.


Microsoft COFEE is a computer forensics suite that the police run on computers before they sieze them, in order to grab your passwords, internet history, and all the things that the police generally shouldn't have. Someone over at (unnamed semi-private tracker) said "hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could get one of those police forensic programs?" and put a ratio bounty on it down at (tracker). Some other people saw the bounty, had the same idea, and started adding to it. Eventually the bounty just got huge, and DrWeird figured out how to get it, and uploaded a copy. The whole law enforcement angle of this torrent freaked out (tracker) administration, and so they made a one-time takedown of the torrent. Thankfully, it had already leaked all over the internet, so you can now download it basically wherever hot torrents are sold.

Also, upon further analysis, it isn't very advanced. Remember your encrypted volumes, kids!

We're particularly happy about this torrent, because, as (tracker) site op said himself, it proves that "Nothing is impossible. Nothing is out of reach. That's the lesson we take away from today, boys and girls (and men and women)." We thought that this kind of thing was over after we stopped seeing quality releases like the HL2 source, and the biggest thing to make the news was the WOLVERINE SCREENER.

Here is the NFO for this release. We like NFOs of things that are awesome.

The Half-Life 2 Leak Scandal was something that happened back in the day when Axel Gembe, a hacker from Germany, stole unfinished half-life 2 source code from Valve and put it up on Usenet. (Editorial Note: We don't know what Axel's handle was but Axel is a pretty cool name so we'll assume he used that.) This had the effect of reminding some of the sleeping masses that Usenet is still the last frontier of the intertube piracy file(z), mostly because it charges money and people don't know how to use it. He then released an update for his leaked source, a move that we found ballsy at the time. The US was trying to lure him here to throw THE BOOK (I guess like a law book or bible or whatever) at him, but Germany caught wind of that and gave him two months probation instead, which was more fair because nobody actually did anything with this souce code... until recently. The Missing Information Mod was made some time later by people who wanted to experience the glory of early HL2 resources without all the bugs. We can tell you, they got it half right. Still, the shout-out goes out to them for bothering to compile a "deleted scenes" for HL2. It's like when there's shit in the trailer that isn't actually in the movie but you know they filmed it because it's IN THE TRAILER. If the particular problem of trailer content that isn't in the movie disturbs you more than is rational, consider signing up to write for The Google Bordello.
Note: Missing Information is nothing like Puzzling Evidence.

PR Solutions is a site that's about neither PR nor solutions. It might be run by Patel Rashid, or it might be about dissolving Praseodymium in something (MAKING IT A PR SOLUTION LOL). PR Solutions is some guy's Indian juarez blog, that's basically bollywood music, simple apps, and Engadget Lite. That's the kind of website we can get behind. We discovered them when GISing for the world's tallest ghettoes (a common pastime with all of Crush Humanity). was a site that began in 2002 and was run by ~sticK and Karinsky, who later went on to make Anglocide. They describe rugczar as, "A random collection of video, audio, and images produced and hoarded by two sexually depraved sadistic internet junkies." They were known for a number of videos of street fights that they organized, as well as a video of them shaving a cat. They wrote some articles, too. Sadly, does not have a backup of Rugczar. All we have is their article, "Time to Get Schooled by Drop-Outs", a few of their videos, and their images folder, all of which are included with the Full-Color Edition of the Google Bordello.

Here's the frame they usually put at the end of their videos:

UPDATE: Rugczar still loves you.