So some time in 2005/2006, a software developer released a spam creator program with dictionary randomized names. For whatever reason, this particular spam suite used uncommon words that just go together, like the simplest form of poetry. Here's my collection. Most are from a friend who was working as a professional spamcatcher at the time. For whatever reason, the Spam Fairy is unwilling to send me any of these good spams, and instead all I get are new ways to spell Viagra (TM).

SPECIAL UPDATE: Smart people tell me that these name selections may be the result of clever Markov chaining.

Dehydration H. Coffeehouse
Transsexual F. Ham 
Cesspool M. Viewfinder
Paratrooper H. Machetes
Clamminess O. Eisenhower
Memorialized Q. Thong
Nevadans E. Rhinos
Abduct O. Hypothesis
Dehumanization F. Scourge
Wobble F. Bedroom
Predetermination R. Japan
Bondage E. Toboggan
Fagged S. Swanky
Pigeon M. Cleavage
Nannie I. Bigotry
Bricklayer J. Gastronomy