The thunder belt is a strange Japanese weapon that somehow involves a steel cable concealed in a leather belt. I speculate that the cable is meant to be used as a garrote or whip, but the pictures don't actually specify what it's supposed to do, and I can't read Japanese. I suppose that it might also be a wire saw or William Gibson's strange idea for a cable blade, but both seem unlikely. Its name is sometimes humorously misprinted as "Thunder Bert".

Or, uh, I guess it could be a variation of that thing that clips to your belt and holds your keys, but I don't see why they'd put the word "thunder" in there for just that. It is apparently availiable in 91 and 110cm variants.

If you know what this does, or where to get one, please contact me. Or don't, because I don't have contact info up yet. Do something clever with it and put a video on Google Video.

UPDATE: Evidently, the 91 and 110cm sizes are belt sizes. Also, my expert Japanese translator guy tells me that he thinks it's a whip. I'd still like to see how it works.

UPDATE: From Seihin-world: This looks like a regular belt, but has wire tucked inside of it. The wire is easy to take out. You can defend yourself and significant others from a violent person who has a knife with a quick slash with this wire.
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