So here's what we did to get some e-mail:

1. We picked up the Vidalia / Privoxy bundle, and set Privoxy up to route through Vidalia.

2. We made a separate Firefox profile just for Tor, and set that profile up to route through Privoxy.

3. We set the homepage to torcheck (https). Torcheck is at:

4. We disabled java, javascript, flash, and images, just to prevent leaks. Also, disabling images will disable web bugs. You may need to re-enable some of these when you register for your e-mail account, like to complete a captcha. Basically, just turn things off until Torcheck tells you you're good.

Let us warn you: From this point out, you really really want to be using SSL or HTTPS or SSH or some kind of secure shit here ok, because a tor exit node is virtually guaranteed to be logging your information and passwords. Make sure that you don't send anything in the clear.

5. We registered for an e-mail account through the TOR browser (SSL only). In this case, we're using gmail (https), because we're the Google Bordello, and because we want to do pop3.

6. Set G-mail up to accept only secure pop3 connections.

7. Tell Vidalia to reconnect, and confirm that you have a different exit node, and then visit Gmail's secure site, confirm your certificates, and log in. Change your password from whatever it was when you registered on the last node, in case something leaked during registration.

7. Set up Thunderbird, and tell it to use SSL through vidalia/privoxy only, to be sure that SSL is not handled differently from normal internet. There was some special text-based settings thing.

8. Set up Thunderbird to make the mailbox homepage torcheck.

9. When torcheck on Thunderbird confirms that you're a tor exit node, and SSL is set to go through Vidalia, go ahead and log in. It seems like some e-mail checks get dropped somehwere along the way, or g-mail rejects logins from some tor exit nodes. Keep trying until it works.

There's probably some more information to be shared here, like specifics and screenshots, but we'll post those some other time.