Tranquility Bay is the most widely-recognized of a number of interrelated pseudo-legal "tough love" camps run by a cabal of creepy Utah businessmen. They make the torture of teenagers their business, and turn a fantastic profit with it. Their personality altering methods are the same ones that many of the best, most dangerous cults use. 

The Google Bordello was slated to run a series of articles describing the evidence against, inner workings of, and people behind these torture camps, but then we found The Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse, specifically their page that links the whole cabal together. We can't compete against a quality product like this, so instead we'll simply fill in the gaps about what they're missing.

EMERGENCY EDIT: Before this update could be uploaded, went offline. We're unsure if this is temporary or permanent, but we assure you that the relevant information has been archived and will be posted in a future update if it becomes necessary.

WWASPS is the corporation most widely known for running child-torture camps, one of which was based in Paradise Cove, Samoa. It was closed because the US Government found credible evidence that it had tortured children. The following pages are a monthly newsletter sent to parents of children imprisoned in Paradise Cove, to assure them that their children are lying when they describe abuse, and encourage them to keep their kids in the program. This newsletter has been de-linked on their website, but not deleted. Here's our mirror of it:

WHUTZ UP in Paradise Cove 1: January 1997
WHUTZ UP in Paradise Cove 2: February 1997
WHUTZ UP in Paradise Cove 3: March 1997
WHUTZ UP in Paradise Cove 4: April 1997
WHUTZ UP in Paradise Cove 5: May 1997
WHUTZ UP in Paradise Cove 6: June 1997

Editor's Note: You may have noticed that these were written in everyone's favourite year, 1997. The e-mail address of Paradise Cove is Isn't that fantastic?